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review: QaF, season four, episode seven

Being pretty much in love with Brian gives me absolutely no objectivity. I'm so good with that. No, really.

Other people say smart things. I'm going to wander. 'Cause man, angst. Sometimes boring angst. Very, very boring angst.

I feel snarky. Just chalk it up to hormones or something.

In Order of Conversation

Jenn: Brian is so hot
Jenn: I'mwatching now.
burnitbackwards: i know. he really is.
Jenn: Let me just say again. My God.
burnitbackwards: i have said many times.
burnitbackwards: that gale gets hotter every year.
burnitbackwards: EVERY WEEK, EVEN.

This is my top thing of liking. Somehow, Brian manages to look hot doing everything. He makes getting high hot, he makes getting drunk hot, he makes tricking emotionlessly hot, and he makes angst, like, orgasmic. It really blows my mind.

From the first moment we saw him, hot. Just hot. His snark was noticeably off in the office, though I'm glad to see him making an effort to be difficult. He's a natural ass, and it pains me to see him have to work so hard at it. You know things are going south when Brian can't quite get out the biting sarcasm.

Funeral. My God, the hotness. But no gloves, which for some reason bothered me. A lot. I'm not sure if there was some weird symbology going on there, because Brian and his gloves are Happy Things. I could have lived a long time without seeing him studying the casket like he was wondering how much it would cost. Seriously here, he was giving it the kind of once over he does potential tricks. *sighs* Oh Brian.

Brian's First Foreshadowing Clue: Going to Ibiza and disappearing. Foreshadowing is like, falling everywhere. Like snowflakes, even.

Jenn: Oh wonderful. Group therapy.
Jenn: Oh. So. Boring.
Jenn: See? This is time that could be used for sex.
Jenn: Yet is it? No.
burnitbackwards: I KNOW.
Jenn: Aww Blake is angsting. And a funeral. Yet another lost opportunity for sex.
burnitbackwards: oh believe me. there are many, many lost opportunities for sex in this ep.

Okay, don't get me wrong here. I'm all for the sympathy thing, and the pain thing, the guilt-for-Blake-thing--but any of this time above? We totally could have fit a blowjob in there somewhere. I'm just saying. I miss the sex per ep a lot. I miss the gratuitous nudity.

My God, this show is taking itself seriously, isn't it? We have Blake, belatedly realizing his responsibilities, and Brian, contemplating death by testicles, and me, thinking, you writers are slowly killing all hope in me that anyone here will ever have sex again. I mean, anyone I want to see have sex.

I can be shallow like that.

Jenn: Yes, Hunter, you are such a rebel, unzipping so aggressively.
Jenn: That is his color, yes, but still.
burnitbackwards: i love hunter.
burnitbackwards: and ben is hot in this ep, disturbingly.
Jenn: Justin looks better.
Jenn: Thank you God.
Jenn: These people are BORING.
Jenn: I can see why Brian is debating death.
Jenn: Why wasn't Blake at the funeral with ted?
burnitbackwards: BECAUSE SEX TRAUMA.

*sighs* I really can't say it better than that.


Or that.

Jenn: *ACK*
burnitbackwards: I KNOW.
burnitbackwards: SO DISGUSTING. I TOLD YOU SO.

Or really, that.

*shudders* I'm going to be flashbacking to this for years, aren't I?

Jenn: Oh Ben, you evil person you.
Jenn: Oh Mr. I Am An Expert on Everything!

*bounces* Gratuitous, senseless Ben abuse! I can put it in anywhere! Unfortunately, Ben did nothing to arouse my ire. Bastard. You can see by this very fact that he is evil and deliberately annoying me with his general niceness. Bah.

Jenn: Bah
burnitbackwards: ben = sweetiepants. *pets*
Jenn: Hee! Michael's getting high!

I really think that saves that entire scene. I feel bad for Michael. I really do. He's feeling mortality by proxy. And to think he doesn't even know yet that it's going to get so much worse.

Jenn: Justin and sex talk...
Jenn: *ponders*
Jenn: See, I'm not sure if it's hot in itself, because Brian makes everything hot.
Jenn: Brian refusing sex is a sign of the apocalypse.
burnitbackwards: but justin has his mouth full!!!!! so gross.

This is true and disturbing. That might have been the worst sex talk in history, and I have no clue. Perhaps, one might even think, something they read in a fanfic. A bad one. The sad thing is, I have no objectivity. This is all the sex I get out of them this episode, so whee!

Yes. That's it. Justin talking his way through non-sex, and then Brian completely terrifies me by--*yawning* and says he's tired. This is pretty much, to me, a sign of the apocalypse, end of days, and proof of the existence of evil. I'm only surprised Justin didn't make a run for some holy water of some kind, or a priest to exorcise him, or something. It's not like they don't know a priest.

Jenn: Emmett wakes up weird.

Yes, what was up with that arm going out like a pointer puppy or something?

Jenn: These people are boring. Except Brian.
Jenn: Brian is fun.
burnitbackwards: i know. brian is the best :x
Jenn: I love him.

You see here that I am pretty much given up and gone into a nice fantasy where it's All Brian, All the Time.

burnitbackwards: yes. how can you not love someone who is so achingly gorgeous :-))

I swear, she's talking about Brian, not Blake or Ted.

Jenn: Awww. Ted scared me with something about piggies.

I didn't hear the whole thing, and did not rewind, because honestly, I do not want to know. At all. Ever.

Jenn: Blake wants to break up.
burnitbackwards: blake is all *TRAUMATIZED*
Jenn: Blake needs to get back on drugs.
Jenn: That would help everything.
Jenn: Everyone was happier high and fucking.

It's like a revelation, man.

Jenn: ...there are deer in the hall.
Jenn: Debbie has gone crazy. In a very boring way.
Jenn: 310 days until Christmas. Okay, so what date does this make it?
burnitbackwards: quinn says feb 16/17.
Jenn: Feb 20, it looks like. I think.

A genuine Christmas miracle. Seriously. Can anyone reconcile canon to this in a vague way? A timeline? Anything? Seriously, I've got to see it.

Jenn: Brian and Gus! THE CUTE! OMG!
Jenn: *sighs* Brian is so pretty.
Jenn: *sighs dreamily*
burnitbackwards: i know. gus <33333
Jenn: Yes. Teletubbies are evil.
Jenn: Brian is dropping clues everywhere.

He really is. He isn't yelling *I HAVE SOME KIND OF DISEASE TYPE THING!* but that's just by accident.

Jenn: Ooh! Ted at Babylon. This. Just. Got. Interesting!
Jenn: It's wrong. I like Ted high.
burnitbackwards: no it didn't get interesting, believe me.
burnitbackwards: it gets real boring again. real quick.
Jenn: Hmm. in this strange alterate universe, Ted is hot.

This is worrisome, and also, makes my earlier point. Yes, yes, yes, Ted was high and stealing money and being a scary wreck, and yes, that gangbang thing happened, but still, he didn't angst this much. And he got laid a lot. People hit on him. *shakes head*

Jenn: Hee! Justin worries about his hair.
Jenn: Hee! Practically nothing and no one they haven't done.

I love that line. I just do. Also, Justin worrying that he's gotten too old for Brian. That's just funny.

Jenn: ...I can already tell this is going to hurt.
burnitbackwards: SCOTT is hot. TED is stupid.
Jenn: Justin is the best boyfriend ever.
burnitbackwards: isn't he? and so cute.
burnitbackwards: SO CUTE.

Again, the clue bus passeth by. See, this is the problem with being a viewer--we all know Brian has Issues and therefore, can see that this is a really creepy and rather terrifying cry for help. Justin brings home *two* tricks--one arguably dumb one "You're right, he is hot"--where the hell has he been for the last few years in Pittsburgh? UNDER A ROCK? THAT IS BRIAN KINNEY! *rolls eyes* He sure as hell have better had a really amazing cock.

Justin really is the best boyfriend ever. Seriously. He picks up some pretty tricks, brings them home, gets them all naked for his boyfriend, and bam. Brian just does this really strange, classy, *strange* version of running--I have to get something from the *office*? What. The. Hell?

He's just lucky Justin hasn't checked him into a mental hospital yet.

Jenn: I feel bad for Michael.
Jenn: His husband and kid have death sentences, and soon, Brian.
Jenn: Awww. Emmett!
Jenn: Ted! And Emmett!
Jenn: ..and Emmett is talking up Blake.
Jenn: I am so disturbed.
Jenn: Mm. Brian and Michael getting high together,
burnitbackwards: you are making me giggle :-))
Jenn: It amazes me that everyone is saying exactly the wrong thing to Brian
Jenn: I mean, every time, spot on.

It's like meant to be. So far, if you make a statement to Brian, it is guaranteed to be the one that supports some kind of passive suicide. Amazing how that works out.

Jenn: Wow, Brian,you are a cheerful ray of sunlight.
Jenn: yes, keep up that cheer.

This period of time is what I like to call "mallets hitting everyone over the head, in case you weren't aware, Brian is making a Huge Decision here."

Jenn: Aww! Cuddling!
Jenn: Does Brian have something against furniture these days?
Jenn: Is this some kind of weird rebellion?

Anyone have an answer to that one? 'Cause really, he can afford furniture, right?

Jenn: If I were parnoid, I'd be worried about the Brian and Michael vibes

I still am. If I were paranoid, I would still be, I mean.

Brian being so non-tactile was more than a little disturbing, but he's being like that with everyone. Not with Justin so much, but his little personal space bubble is getting mighty visible. wrenlet I think, commented first on it, but watching it again, there's the same sense of--something. I am Uncleanness? Not entirely sure. Very not Brian. He speaks best with his body. He pretty much depends on it to get the message across when he can't. And as a rule, his body gives away anything he's feeling. From that moment at the floor picnic--oh the cuteness!!!!!--he's been physically withdrawing as fast as he can. Michael's too lost in his own pain to pick that up. Justin's been feeling this for a couple of days. Makes me wonder how they're sleeping at night, actually. Brian all curled up, burrito-like, in the blankets, trying in really bizarre ways to keep contact to a minimum? Freaking Justin out more? Very likely.

Same thing when he's yelling at Justin in the office. It's interesting how he does try and keep space--a desk, his voice, pretty much anything to keep Justin *back*. Hugging Justin was probably the hardest thing he's done in this ep. It hurt to watch. And if Justin isn't quietly looking back at that throwaway comment about Ibiza at the funeral and beginning to wonder....

I didn't break down watching Brian go into surgery, but the utterly controlled panic as Brian counted backwards hurt to watch.


Randomly Commenting

For some reason, settling down three of the main characters with something resembling long term partners has been a sign that everyone must immediately become domestic, boring, and grumpy over every little thing. And also, never, ever have sex again. I mean, ever.

On the other hand, I had fun watching. Blake and Ted or Ted and Emmett? I'm acutally sort of passively torn. Emmett spent a lot of time looking very hot. Debbie is really close to a nervous breakdown, and I want to give her some valium so much. Hunter is still cute. And he and Michael just work for me so much, and that really surprises me. They shouldn't, but they do, less parental maybe, but something that it feels like Hunter needs. Ben can be the intellectual who is doing the parenting, father knows best, whatever, but Michael's connecting with Hunter in a very emotional, personal way. I'm explaining this so badly, but I love scenes with just them together. Sometimes, I kind of wonder if this is how Brian was able to become so close to Michael.

Michael makes me happy.
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