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adventures in hotel hunting

You people are trusting us to find you accomodations, aren't you?

svmadelyn: for five people in a room, at the government rate, for three days [price marked out]
svmadelyn: Ste. Two Double-Beds
Suite with Two Double-Beds & Pullout Sofa
Fully-Equipped Kitchenette
svmadelyn: that's with that.
seperis: I wonder if they'd let us have six people.
svmadelyn: I can e-mail. hee.
svmadelyn: I am going to mention that you're a gov't employee.
svmadelyn: and see if you can get that rate.
seperis: *smiles sweetly*
svmadelyn: Why do I get a little nervous when people smile sweetly at me?
seperis: I'm just basically panicking.
svmadelyn: It must be a conditioned response.
seperis: We have two people that want to leave on Sunday.
seperis: They can get a room together.
svmadelyn: *nods*
svmadelyn: We'll work that into it too.
svmadelyn: And, hey!
svmadelyn: I can say I'm sixteen.
svmadelyn: and stay here freeeeee
svmadelyn: Are we ever 'kid-friendly'!...children 16 years of age and younger stay free in the room with their parents.
seperis: *snickers*
svmadelyn: oooh. they have a toll free number.
svmadelyn: i shall call this one today.
seperis: [hotel that shall remain nameless]
svmadelyn: it looks--kinda like a locker. *giggles*
seperis: *giggles*
svmadelyn: OMG. They say they have a ceiling fan.
svmadelyn: Ooooh, a *ceiling fan*
svmadelyn: It's really bad that I'm laughing so hard at that.
seperis: *grins* ti's kind of scary that it's named there
svmadelyn: did the other ones have check in times before two p.m.?
seperis: Also, no tv's.
svmadelyn: The guest rooms are newly decorated, carpeted and set in a basic style.
svmadelyn: that's sekrit code for really, really ghetto.


seperis: Whoa.
seperis: 117 per night at the [name omitted]
svmadelyn: ooooh. link?
seperis: Three people per room.
seperis: Hmm.
seperis: it's from
svmadelyn: Pennsylvania Review - Posted by Suzy Tadevosyan, United States

Worst hotel that I have ever stayed at, I would not recommend anyone staying at this hotel. Dirty, smelly and the worst possible service and attitude from the hotel staff. Let's just say we had to move 7 times before we found a decent room and one of the rooms we went to, the bathroom was missing part of its wall.

seperis: Yeah, but he other review was nice
svmadelyn: *dying*
svmadelyn: Who needs a bathroom wall?


deadlychameleon: Your best bet might be a chain.
deadlychameleon: Holiday Inn or somthing like.
seperis: Hmm.
seperis: I was trying for Holiday Inn, but man, they are relativley high, too.
seperis: Thirteen percent sales tax!
deadlychameleon: Urk.
deadlychameleon: The Riverside Inn looked reasonable.
deadlychameleon: $65 a night in Manhatten with 24 hour security. Which may be one 80 year old man falling asleep, but it's a nice thought.
seperis: *dies laughig*
seperis: He's awake!
seperis: No TVs or phones, though.
seperis: Fangirls will have nervous breakdowns.
deadlychameleon: REally? No TVs or phones? That's one way to keep prices down.
seperis: *nods in awe*


deadlychameleon: See. This is why you should have had the conference in Vegas. We like our TVs.
deadlychameleon: For $40 a night, you will get color cable TV. Possibly with very interesting channels added in for no extra charge. ;-)
seperis: *chokes*
deadlychameleon: [link to hotel]
deadlychameleon: [hotel name] - You'd probably want to reserve a whole floor though, because there are no private baths - the floor shares.
seperis: *chokes*
deadlychameleon: That's why I recommended the Riverside - private baths.
seperis: *choking to death*
seperis: Madelyns' telling me about bathrooms with no walls.
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