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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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adventures in hotel hunting
children of dune - leto 1
You people are trusting us to find you accomodations, aren't you?

svmadelyn: for five people in a room, at the government rate, for three days [price marked out]
svmadelyn: Ste. Two Double-Beds
Suite with Two Double-Beds & Pullout Sofa
Fully-Equipped Kitchenette
svmadelyn: that's with that.
seperis: I wonder if they'd let us have six people.
svmadelyn: I can e-mail. hee.
svmadelyn: I am going to mention that you're a gov't employee.
svmadelyn: and see if you can get that rate.
seperis: *smiles sweetly*
svmadelyn: Why do I get a little nervous when people smile sweetly at me?
seperis: I'm just basically panicking.
svmadelyn: It must be a conditioned response.
seperis: We have two people that want to leave on Sunday.
seperis: They can get a room together.
svmadelyn: *nods*
svmadelyn: We'll work that into it too.
svmadelyn: And, hey!
svmadelyn: I can say I'm sixteen.
svmadelyn: and stay here freeeeee
svmadelyn: Are we ever 'kid-friendly'!...children 16 years of age and younger stay free in the room with their parents.
seperis: *snickers*
svmadelyn: oooh. they have a toll free number.
svmadelyn: i shall call this one today.
seperis: [hotel that shall remain nameless]
svmadelyn: it looks--kinda like a locker. *giggles*
seperis: *giggles*
svmadelyn: OMG. They say they have a ceiling fan.
svmadelyn: Ooooh, a *ceiling fan*
svmadelyn: It's really bad that I'm laughing so hard at that.
seperis: *grins* ti's kind of scary that it's named there
svmadelyn: did the other ones have check in times before two p.m.?
seperis: Also, no tv's.
svmadelyn: The guest rooms are newly decorated, carpeted and set in a basic style.
svmadelyn: that's sekrit code for really, really ghetto.


seperis: Whoa.
seperis: 117 per night at the [name omitted]
svmadelyn: ooooh. link?
seperis: Three people per room.
seperis: Hmm.
seperis: it's from hotels.com
svmadelyn: Pennsylvania Review - Posted by Suzy Tadevosyan, United States

Worst hotel that I have ever stayed at, I would not recommend anyone staying at this hotel. Dirty, smelly and the worst possible service and attitude from the hotel staff. Let's just say we had to move 7 times before we found a decent room and one of the rooms we went to, the bathroom was missing part of its wall.

seperis: Yeah, but he other review was nice
svmadelyn: *dying*
svmadelyn: Who needs a bathroom wall?


deadlychameleon: Your best bet might be a chain.
deadlychameleon: Holiday Inn or somthing like.
seperis: Hmm.
seperis: I was trying for Holiday Inn, but man, they are relativley high, too.
seperis: Thirteen percent sales tax!
deadlychameleon: Urk.
deadlychameleon: The Riverside Inn looked reasonable.
deadlychameleon: $65 a night in Manhatten with 24 hour security. Which may be one 80 year old man falling asleep, but it's a nice thought.
seperis: *dies laughig*
seperis: He's awake!
seperis: No TVs or phones, though.
seperis: Fangirls will have nervous breakdowns.
deadlychameleon: REally? No TVs or phones? That's one way to keep prices down.
seperis: *nods in awe*


deadlychameleon: See. This is why you should have had the conference in Vegas. We like our TVs.
deadlychameleon: For $40 a night, you will get color cable TV. Possibly with very interesting channels added in for no extra charge. ;-)
seperis: *chokes*
deadlychameleon: [link to hotel]
deadlychameleon: [hotel name] - You'd probably want to reserve a whole floor though, because there are no private baths - the floor shares.
seperis: *chokes*
deadlychameleon: That's why I recommended the Riverside - private baths.
seperis: *choking to death*
seperis: Madelyns' telling me about bathrooms with no walls.

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I can pass for under sixteen, easy.

*tugs at your sleeve*

Mommy, Mommy, can we watch the gay porn now?

I desperately wanted to quote this when I read it, but unfortunately, the only person I'm chatting with is my father, and that seemed all sorts of wrong.

But, I certainly snorfled to myself. *g*

Dude, I'm gonna repeat what I said before to Jenn,
I think the take home message for NY is, either you guys are
A. Going to have to stay in the suburbs.
B. Going to have to fork over some cash, 60+ per person based on double occupancy
C. Going to have an adventure (tm).

*g* It's funny. Budget hotels seem to occasionally have TVs, private bathrooms, or telephones, but never all three.


Been kinda lurking on this topic because I can't make it. That said, if $$$ is not a problem Times Square Marriott is a great hotel.

Otherwise I would use priceline.com
I've used it several times and had good success both domestically and abroad. The last time I used it I think I paid $49 a night for a hotel that should have coast $79.

I won't be able to make it, but I was doing a little quick research...
East Village Bed and Coffee

This looks a little out of the way, (off subway lines) but in a "hip" neighborhood. Only 5 rooms available, and it says to book way in advance. All good reviews from Trip Advisor.

Like many of the economy options, there are no non-smoking rooms. Same problem with the Pan American
The Pan American looks like a fairly traditional hotel otherwise, though, with a decent selection of amentities (air conditioning, dial up internet, hair dryer, etc.) I'm just basing that on websites, of course.


I stand corrected. East Village Bed and Coffee does have non-smoking on the second floor. It's getting booked up already though - 3 of 7 rooms are already booked for the weekend. I don't know how much space you guys are going to need. I dunno if it's really the best place for this venture - but it's pretty cool. You might want to check it out anyway.




So much better you than me.


You do realize that Sept-Dec is high season in NYC, right? And honestly, I doubt you want to stay anywhere that *isn't* a chain. You might try the Marriott East Side, which I think was listing rates from ~$114 per person per night in October. The Renaissance Times Square is also nice, and central, and may be reasonable, if you're willing to sign a contract about the room block and guarantee X number of rooms will be taken (and able to pay the penalty if they're not).

Generally speaking, even the lower-end chains and airport hotels in the NYC area don't charge less that $149 a night, and that goes up from Sept-Nov and again in December.

svmadelyn: that's with that.
seperis: I wonder if they'd let us have six people.
svmadelyn: I can e-mail. hee.

Just thought I'd pipe up with this (since my mum has worked for a hotel for going on 14 years, now) - the limits they set on rooms are usually because of fire regulations. That's the max number of people allowed in a single room, to be on the safe side. Lame, but a rule - or something.

You might check with veritykindle, cretkid or ctegan. They've been involved in organizing a Farscape fan convention for this summer, and might have some tips about hotels.

http://www.escapadeboston.com/ That's the website with more contact info.

I hope your shindig works out wonderfully!

(Deleted comment)
(Wheeeeee, Rogues! Is E.J. going to be there this weekend, d'you know?)

(Deleted comment)
Awww, I'm not going to make it down until Monday. Phoo.

(Deleted comment)

Me and my boy: http://www.tinwhistler.com/donovan/4th_year/05-16-04_donovan_horse01.jpg

*giggles* If it weren't for the toddler, Greg and I could maybe camp out all weekend... alas, not to be. But Monday!

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