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review: QaF, season four, episode six


You'd think I'd get bored with it, don't you? I am tenacious and somewhat thickheaded sometimes with the irrational hate thing.

But. Onward, because I can overcome senseless dislike and ponder the imponderables, and still, no one has told me if that's a word yet.

Things I Liked

1.) I like Brian, and I'm sure everyone is shocked by this. He is hot in so many ways. Teh cuteness of the party! Getting his boyfriend and his assistant up there with him! My God, man, you have a soul. He's also disturbingly cute with Lindsay, which is just wrong on many levels, but on the other hand, she was really hot tonight. Seriously, she spent no time being unhot. Amazing.

Brain, Brian, Brian, you sometimes are so predictable that it constantly blows my mind that no one's caught up with the script yet. There is no bad time for sex, is there? And yet Justin is surprised. Good times, sex, bad times, sex, big cool celebrations, yes, sex, not-boyfriend gets personal with a bat, again, sex, traumatized boyfriend, much sex, now death? You guessed it. Sex. This is not new. This is so "the thing* that Justin's remark made me laugh out loud. Oh Justin. It's like jello, man. Sex is jello. Sex with jello is fun, too.

I'm just cuted out in probably indecent ways by Brian and Justin tricking together. I loved that in the second season, and I love it here, and I really have no clue why except they make it look like the most romantic thing imaginable. The footsie, the bantering, and yes, that strange moment where Justin breaks into his own version of a PSA--precious. Brian's look back is equally precious. Betting is cute. But you know what would have been *more* cute, boys? Threesome. *nodnodnod* Really. That's a way for everyone to win. You could do it in Ibiza, too.

I'd like to note, for the record, that Brian is the worst person on earth for comfort. I say it with deep love. He really, really is. He is like, the anti-Michael in terms of being able to connect with human emotional suffering. The scary part is, I'm not sure he knows that. People should know this and avoid him accordingly.

Watchign him hug Michael just brings all those completely repressed B/M feelings to the surface. *happy sigh* Oh they are wonderful together.

B/J's actually hurting me with how much I love them. They are so solid and so comfortable and so sweet and Brian's so--I'm serious, if I did'nt ship them already, I would be on teh bandwagon. That kiss at the party made me happy and giggly and shiny, and will continue for days.

2.) Michael is so adorable it scares me a lot. He's like the happiest puppy ever. The movie thing and his good humor and his cute little growl at Ben when Evil!Ben was all raining on the parade and him and Hunter watching movies and GAHHH. ADORABLE. I want to give him cookies and pet him so much. So very, very much.

I loved him in teh diner when he told Debbie about Vic. Voice breaking, all almost shaking and not, freaking out--oh Mikey. I do like you. I had no idea how much.

3.) Lindsay's wardrobe choices make me happy. I likes.

4.) Ted and Blake. They are the cutest thing to see. All--themness. And it's nice to know they now have more in common, like the meth addiction and rehab and stuff, which is great pillow talk, I'm sure.

5.) The lesbians were fun. Well, Lindz was fun, Melanie wasn't around, so yay! Lindz is growing on me, and not just because i relaly want to know where she bought that ensemble. Seh's just fun. She was funny as hell with the Artist Ass and that minidisaster was fun, too. I can see her as the clumsy type when she was young.

6.) I loved the bit where Brian gets a blowjob and then the ball issue. Someone mentioned he's using a lot of gum these days. He really is. During blowjobs, even. I really liked that scene.

Things I Didn't Like

1.) We'll go beyond my Ben!Hate and ask, okay, what the hell is Cowlip doing with this character? He has never been this pretentious or this fucking bratty before, and he's never, ever been *petty*. Now he's just--bah. I get the depression about his book, I get he's feeling all vulnerable, but let's not *totally shit* on our boyfriend's good fortune, 'kay? He's *excited*. He's *happy*. These aren't bad things.

His almost-dismissive bit in the apartment I could deal with. But his warnings to Justin just--that was just ridiculous. Let them enjoy their cool fun, dammit. But it is kind of a relief, I admit it. Sometimes, I feel like Ben is being written a little too all-wise, all-knowing, and really freaking annoying. But I'm not sure I want his character flaw to be pretentious elitism.

2.) Debbie, I was with you until the vomiting and wiping of ass. Seriously, honey. Went far too far, espeically while a Certain Girl in the audience, say, me, was eating a pop tart. Not nice.

3.) Emmett's unending pain is getting on my nerves. And it shouldn't, 'cause he was a victim and he was hurt and lalala, right, I was getting bored with writing it, so really, Emmett should be bored with acting it. But still. Look at Justin. One day, normal guy, then he's carrying weapons and beating up people at random and God help us all, wearing that horrifying shade of pink. Do you want to be a Justin, Emmett? Do you?

I thought not. Codys come included, which actualy is tempting, since Cody is hot and I'd like to watch him fuck someone that's not Justin or Brian. Mmm. Pretty hot shaved head boy.


This felt like a transitional episode--gearing up for Things To Come. Which is fine, but not much really seemed to *happen* in terms of character, though they stuffed a lot of plot in there. Vic's death was just--urgh. I don't like how they stuffed it into the end. I get why, in a way, since this entire episode was Anvil City, in which we were tossed so many that my ducking interfered with my staring at Brian's perfect mouth. Trust me, it takes a lot for me to do that.

I'm guessing next week will be better. Going ot read the smart people reviews now and be all giggly.
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