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insta!rec - context (sv/nsync)

svmadelyn and nonchop are working me through the trauma. I don't think I'll ever be clean again. Ever. I mean, ever.

But! nonchop recommended this, so I share.

Context by Addicted Kitten. It's one of those improbable crossovers that just works and makes laugh and is fun and creates happy thoughts. Smallville/Nsync, Justin, Lance, Clark, and Lex, funny as hell. I mean, seriously. Fun.

"But I asked you first," Clark said, leaning against the counter. "Are you here on business?"

"That's a good question." Lance copied Clark's casual pose on the opposite counter. "I am here on business, this time. But Lex and I go way back. We had mutual friends, and a few memorable encounters in the VIP room at Club Zero."

"Oh." Clark frowned. "Encounters? So you were friends?"

Lance smiled to himself. "We shared...common interests."

"Like what?"

"Corporate holdings. Apple martinis. Light bondage."

Just. Heh. I'm so entranced.
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