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It's all QaF, All the Time. Well, right now, anyway.

Going just-read to just-remembered-having=read.

Untitled Future Fic by windtossed, with very light season four, ep five spoilers. It's lovely, low-key, realistic domestic, and sweet, and I likes and feel all warm inside because of it. *nudge* Go on. Read.

And this is because I read everything eleveninches wrote in this fandom, but can't remember if I recced these. So.

Growing Pains. In which there is Michael. And Gus. And yes, like *that*. And it's funny and painful and I kind of feel bad for Michael, but man, it's *good* to read. Some great, great Brian moments, some fun Justin moments, and lots of excellent Michael.

The Pink Posse and I, and this is *hysterical*, as only she can manage to do in this fandom. And--yeah. Kind of sort of spoilery for 4.5, but not in any meaningful way that will make any sense whatsoever, so really, no worries. AU of season four. So. Much. Fun.

Cupcake. Possibly the most disturbing fic *ever*. There's--David. And Ethan. And the horror of an alliance that nature could never sanction. And Justin has a cute almost-nervous-breakdown. Fuuuuuun.

Yep, happiness.

Anmd finally, ragingpixie wrote this fabulous Daphne and Justin bit for juteux's birthday. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Really belated, juteux, sorry! Great fic gift. What They Do, which is so very Daphne, and I so love this story, it flows perfectly.

*satisfied* Mmmm. Goodfic.
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