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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and the panfandom review is posted
children of dune - leto 1
This is my crack. I'm specially pleased to see the BEN HATE!!!! AH HAHAHAHA!

Really, this is just a phase. Or a short-term period of insanity. Either/or.

Anyway, go read bigboobedcanuck's take on QaF, Season Four, Episode Five, and did anyone see eliade name this one?

Updates from Insomnia Land

Randomly fell asleep whenever, literally, I looked down too long all through class today. I'm beginning to understand what people mean when they talk about lost time. I was losing only seconds or a minute at a time, but there's nothing quite as creepy as waking up when you had no idea you were asleep. Also, the next time I say I want to watch a scary movie, please remind me that it's been almost a *year* since The Ring and just thinking about it pretty much scares me to death still.

Stop laughing now. Really.

Also, we're done with the burial thing and up to the *bizarre* way to calculate budgets and income. Huh.

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This is my crack.

You totally know how to make my day! :) And yeah, the Ben hate is rising up within me. He's just such a dick sometimes! Gah.

the *bizarre* way to calculate budgets and income.

Made even more bizarre by the advice accountants give people to rearrange assets before applying for aid. Which is what I got to read about all day. :D

I would never laugh at anyone over The Ring. If it's ever mentioned I won't feel safe in my room for days, alone with my tv.

In fact...thanks a lot for bringing it up!

I don't think eliade has named an ep since 403. Thanks for linking the recap, btw.

I would never laugh at someone still freaked from The Ring. I still get the heebies from it and won't go near any tree that looks even remotely like the one in the movie. It just wigs me out.

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