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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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lemming meme lemming things
children of dune - leto 1
I got weak and, well, lemming.

gakked from out_there[font color="lj name"][b]lj name[/b][/font] (but with <> tags))


Now must go look and see. And--color me very nonperceptive--what does it mean?

*now going to look*

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I was very worried about, like, maybe getting white or something.

*looks* Is it supposed to represent my personality?

What color are you?


how come mine is boring and black???

Does that say something about me?


I don't *want* to know what lime green could be saying about me. It can't be good.

yeah, but lime green is bright and cheerful... like a margarita! So, you know, PAR-TAY!!!

Where as black is dark and cold, like Justin's heart before the epiphany...


*pets* No no no. Black like. Brian's favorite leather pants.

*grins* Imagine. *Pretty*.

ah, yes, leather pants....


Just out of nowhere - or rather after reading your bio. The Ring scares the beejeezus out of me too. I've never been so frightened by a movie before. And I love thrillers/horror movies.

Nightmares. Up late. I think I have entire entries in November and early last summer talking about THE SOUL SCARRING HORROR.

because. Man. wet little girl, TV. Just not a combination to make me happy here.


And the other day, it was on cable and I hit it by accident RIGHT when they found the body of the first girl in the closet. Did I need to be reminded of her face?

I think it's time to torment myself again ... eyes film in book shelf...

Am I demented? Yes, probably...

No idea how they come up with these - mine is gold, though, so it could be worse!


I don't think they *mean* anything. It's just... y'know. Meme and pretty colours? Involving your own name? Bound to make LJians bounce and try it. *laughs*

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