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all recs, all the time, and communityish thing

Because I've been neglectful as hell.

Exchange by bonibaru. Okay, where the HELL has she been hiding? Totally fooling everyone with the vid-only thing--she can WRITE too! Lovely, LOVELY Lex I could read about all day. Run along and read.

The Color For Her by penelope_z. Mmm. Lana pov CLex. Hot. Sticky. Haunting. And wow.

It Takes a Village to Make a Superhero Look Good by mobiusklein. Hee! Beverage warning please! Hee! How Clark gets his costume! So many good lines I can't even pick one.

It's Cold Outside by bexless. Sweet, funny, CLex, and VERY strange old lady. *grins* Read read read.

Suddenly, Mrs. Devon reached up and ran her hand over Lex's head. Lex, to his credit, only flinched a little, and gave the tiniest grimace as she examined his scalp.

Then she swooped in to Clark and whispered conspiratorially, "He's very shiny, dear. Do you polish him?"

Yes. Like THAT! *eg*

On the Eighth of December by alee. Clark's a superhero, with everything that happens with that. *sighs* He's going to have nights like this, and alee does a lovely job showing it.

Okay, to make this less pointless.

I've been mulling thoughts about LJ, community in fandom, responsibility, et al, but they refuse to come together with anything resembling logic. I'm curious though--whatever your fandom, do you see it as a community, in which you are part of a greater whole, or more of a every writer is an island sort of thing?

Oddly, I'm not sure where I stand on this either. In Voyager, Island, in XMM, clique-communityish, but SV seems like both sometimes, to me. Or neither. It's very--jangly.

See? No logical progression going on. My English prof would be ever so ashamed of me.

Must mull.
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