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insta!rec - the more things change by nifra_idril

we looove her. we love her sooo much. And we're stalking--er, I mean, *talking* about--you know, even I think I sound weird and not *just* a little creepy when I drop into plurals. Someone warn me when I do that. Or just slap me.


nifra_idril writes the more things change in the grand tradition of sweet, funny, and creepy as shit five things au's. Smallville. Many people. Several pairings. Two guesses on my favorite two bits of them all.

No, seriously, just *go*. Read. I am so *blissed*. I can be terrifyingly easy to please, you know. She so rocks.

Go go go now.

Icon courtesy of svmadelyn. I think she's trying to tell me something.
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