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happiness is....

1.) reading fic.

Untitled Five Things by julad, and it is *so* good and *so* funny and you should read *right now*. Loves muchly.

2.) reading recaps and reviews

Reading Comprehension for 405 by blaurosen. Spoiler safe through episode 4.5. It's the *love*, man.

Daphne Thoughts by quinn222, who interprets Daphne for us, and it is good. Earlier thoughts here. It's a twofer! Spoiler safe through episode 4.5.

Thoughts on 4.4 and 4.5 by juteux, with interesting observations on Justin. Spoiler safe through episode 4.5.

On Wee!Justin by valeriex, who wants Justin!Pants. I do too. Spoiler safe through episode 4.5 in a big way.

And here, wrenlet waxes lyrical on the ep in much detail, and then go here for the ending. She's so cool and considerate.

3.) enabling people

xoverau wants to write QaF/Hanson! And we should ENCOURAGE HER. Because damn, this is a funny idea.

You *KNOW* you want to see it. You KNOW you do.

4.) ....

Oh, I ran out of things to be happy about! TRAGEDY!


Yes, I plan to take this hate thing to ridiculous heights. Anti-Benfic is *so* on the table.

Unless I get distracted or something. Like, say, if someone wrote oh, let me think...just off the top of my head...SerialKiller!BJ. Actually I'd settle for Justin shoots Chris, because that, too, would ease me from the hate and back into sanity. It really would. I swear. If there are guns involved. Because I am sick and need help. Really. I do.


Also, new icon courtesy of svmadelyn who is currently consulting travel agents and panicking in really funny ways. No, seriously, mention it on AIM to her. It's like when you mention a sequel to This, Too to rageprufrock Good for *hours* of entertainment. If you have experience in large gatherings, sleepovers, or where the best place to get really big, waterproof boxes, email her or me, or leave a comment. We are still nailing dates down, so expect a post on it soon at slumberparty04.


PS: Is it just me, or has LJ been screwing around all day?
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