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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh ye tempation, who kicked my ass
children of dune - leto 1
First off, I am deeply bitter, since Sandstorm's site has stolen my will and I am *so* spoiled. I'm trying to figure out if I should just go all the way and get *all* of it, just *revel* in it, *wallow* in the spoileryness, like a massive, traumatized hog of muddy spoilerage, or--oh, who am I kidding. I am weak in the face of temptation and lost in the throes and temptations of the dark side. The spoilery dark side. The very, very spoilery dark side.

I'm also a jittery wreck after season seven clips.

In other news.

bigboobedcanuck graces us with her very first QaF fic Their End May Know, which is, yes, spoilery, spoilery, spoilery! Watch me revel and wallow! WATCH!

No, wait, about the story.

Very good Brian voice, aching and sweet and painful and still sweet. If you're spoiled through 4.9, read it, you'll love.

I need some serious chocolate. I'm not talking Hershey's here. I mean, *serious chocolate*. Something in Godiva or made by little old women in the Alps. Must find and comfort myself.

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(Deleted comment)
I am terrified, weepy, and thinking I shoudl hedge my bets and start OTPing Brian/Michael on the side, to lessen the trauma.

Oh woe as me!

Also, I will have a nervous breakdown before this ends, jsut watch.

It's a good story and I enjoyed it. Now you know he doesn't say what she says he said, don't you?

Oh yeah, I hope I didn't give the impression that an ILY will actually occur. That's all fiction, unfortunately. :) I really just took the cancer and the kicking Justin out part.

No, I just wanted to make sure that Jenn knew.

BTW.. I love your recaps too. Leah clued me into them and they are great and Panfandom is such a neat site.

I'd love to read more of your fiction too. I thought you did a good job capturing both character's voices and mindsets. I've seen 409 and I can see something like this happening - minus the ILY. I know they'll probably go onto 410 like nothing happened but I hope we get at least one or two sweet moments out of it.

BTW.. I love your recaps too. Leah clued me into them and they are great and Panfandom is such a neat site.

Thanks so much! :)

I've seen 409 and I can see something like this happening - minus the ILY.

Cool, thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing it myself, but I'm staying away from the screeners. There are so few episodes, I have to prolong the torture pleasure.

*sniffles* I know. It was just pretty to imagine.



Already been there and lived through it. (I have screeners) The first thing I did when I got them was to watch the very last scene of 409. It made everything else bearable. Although there are some sweet moments in 407 & 408 in the midst of all the drama.

(Deleted comment)
That is unfamiliar to me. I shall add it to my wish list for next month. *bouncy* Mmm. Chocolate. I have a feeling I shall need it in the future.

Watch me revel and wallow! WATCH!

Hee! Thanks for the pimpin' and the lovely feedback! *g*

I'm all a whimpery mess because of it. WHIMPERY.

I need a backup OTP stat. B/M! I could do it! It will take strength, but I shall manage.

B/M - as in Brian/Michael... Honey, I'll send you a box of Godiva if you forget this idea. You wound me.

*shaky* See, this is why I am so glad I wasn't around for the end of season two. The breakdowns I would have subjected my livejournal to would have been catastrophic. And probably Brian/Michael intensive, as I cannot work with any other two male characters, what with my Evil!Ben Issues and Hunter not being around and so on.

*biting nails*

We're all going to need large amounts of alcohol if Brian and Michael have sex on screen. Don't do it. I beg you.

Backup OTP. So if my first fails, I can write long, dramatic, weepy, unhappy people in endless, sad relationships of strife and low grade angst.

Yeaaah. that sounds cheering, doesn't it? *winces*

Seriously, man. Think of the children!!!

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