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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's something i gotta do
children of dune - leto 1
Still in the afterglow of good fic. *smiles, sated*

Since Ethan is no longer around to hate, I need a new character to loathe. At first, I thought it would be Hunter, but he's disturbingly and creepily adorable this season. Michael's too easy--everyone does Michael. And I'm sure Justin will get aroudn to arousing my ire at some point, but he's just too adorable to hate for long. Emmett wears eyeliner and so I love him. Ted's--Ted. And Blake is boring.

So, it's gotta be Ben.

I hate Ben.

There. I hate Ben. He's--making people eat soy products. And stuff. And--things--

No, wait. Irrational hate needs no basis.

*happier* I hate Ben! I shall go look for appropriate icons to reflect this newfound hatred and loathing. Whee!

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Ben looks like a muppet. I will support you in your hate, even if I don't share it.

WHEE! MUPPET! I can hate for that, right?

*hugs* Thank you for the support. Now I just need good *reasons* besides the soy loaf thing.

Hang in there!

Sam is coming!

There are so many reasons to hate Sam, not the least is that he's even more
horrible to look at naked than Horvath -- at least Horvath had a sheet on!

I guarantee you -- save the hate! It will be SO worth it!

*starts choking*

Tha'ts not even *possible*. No anti-pretty can be that bad....


I'll use Ben to warm up on, then. *gets in gear*

Why not loathe Cody? That seems to be what he's there for. I'm still waiting for the scene where Daphne bitchslaps him into next week, then dumps Justin on the doorstep of the loft and tells Brian, "I'm not taking him back until you've fucked some sense back into him. I'll need pictures as proof."


The above scene should happen at the beginning of an episode, so we get the benefit of Brian's "deprogramming" for the next fifty minutes of airtime.

YES YES! *fumes with the cody hate*
oh that would be a marvellous episode.

ben's not so bad. its cause of him that hunter's around. and i really quite like hunter, he's totally growing on me.

Might sound silly, but errrrum...

Why hate any of the characters at all? o.O

Still in the afterglow of good fic. *smiles, sated

Go you on the hate hate thing. Please point out the good fic? It's been pretty thin on the ground out there.

The remix has so few fandoms I read, it's depressing. I may have to branch out to new fandoms, which is just dmaned annoying.

But Joss wrote more!

But... but... *sniffle* It's Ben.

Though I have to admit, he's gonna have to work to make up for the soy-loaf. Eeee-yuck.


*hisses and makes evil eye gestures*

Since this is the QAF fandom, I am required to find your desire to hate Ben utter anathema and have no tolerance for an opinion that deviates from my own. Sure, this makes me a psycho who takes a tv show way too seriously. But the wankery must continue.

*bounce* Does that mean we can have a highly personal flame war and force all our friends to pick sides???????

Then do dramatic exits, tearful entrances, melodramatic entries on our pain, and huffing everywhere?


Oh, I love this. I thought I was the only person who had to have a character to hate. It's that desire that drives me away from shows that allow character development equality and force hated characters to grow and become likeable.

It's probably why Jane Austen is my favorite author too. She always gives us someone to hate.

Still, poor Ben. Can't you hate...I don't know...Todd? He is so annoying, the way he's always happy and well-fucked. I won't stand for it.

*wrinkles nose* I thought about Todd, but he really doesn't have enough screentime to make it worth the effort. But I could snark at him on random occasions, appropriate or no. Would that work?

Ben though--he's great for irrational hate. I can read obscure motives into his so-called niceness and hint darkly of things he didn't do, but *might* do, or *could* do and therefore, he should be hated for that. And he's done bad things! I am so going to go looking for *every* bad thing he's done and drag it out every time someone tells me I'm wrong! Oh yes. This shall be *fun*.



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