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Flesh by circusgirl and throughadoor, post season one, pre season two. Brian and Michael, and what happened to them, and how much they both need hugs and prescription painkillers. Amazingly vivid, beautifully characterized.

"I was thinking of going to visit Justin this afternoon."

"That's nice."

"I thought you might like to come with me."

"Now why would you think that?"

She looks at him with that completely undaunted hope that he'll shape up and become a person that she'll probably have until the day she dies. "Because deep down," she says, "I know that you care about him."

The central air is broken on the third floor at the hospital, or at least it was seven hours ago, and Brian nearly froze his balls off when he was there this morning. He thinks about telling Lindsay that she should make sure that Gus has one of his little over-priced sweaters if she's going to bring him with her.

But he doesn't.

The PanFandom review of 4.4 is up here, which kicks amazing ass, by the oh-so-talented bigboobedcanuck.

parallactic posts an interesting answer to gradiva's post on Brian's uses of sex here, which was a lot of food for thought. gradiva's original post is here. Both are interesting arguments about Brian's personality, tricking, etc.


Also, my friendslist is temporarily weird. I'm torn between half-wishing I was spoiled, just to figure out what the drama is, and getting more coffee, since Brain/Michael snippets don't write themselves, and this one is requiring massive inner resources and also, caffeine. The other day, josselin and I realized we have limits, as we could not, could *not*, get Justin and Michael to have sex. We could only admit this after writing several pages of rambling dialogue set between the moment Micahel dropped his pants and the moment Justin dragged himself to the bed, adn you know, when your characters are fighting it? You know it's just not gonna work.

Very, very depressing.

I need more coffee.
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