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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
This is purely one of those hypothetical scenarios.

Let's say, just for giggles, that someone wanted to, oh, I don't know, find, say, Ghostbusters slash.

Where would one go to find it?

Don't say ff.net. Please.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! *going to look*

zortified has a page full here, and also some recs elsewhere on the site. Although, y'know, I think Ghostbusters slash fandom concentrates on the animated series, for some reason?

Oh I love you so *much*. Recs! Hopefully non-traumatizing!

Yeah, there is a bend toward the cartoon. More canon I guess. I watched that *every week*. I wish I remembered more of it.

Remember the pet ghost--Slimey, wasn't it? Ate a lot. A paranormal Scooby, if you will.

Found via google:


Some of these links still work. Also, there's quite a few lj communities interested in ghostbusters.

Whee! Thank you!



Hypothetically, of course.

Ghostbusters slash? Just when I think fandom can't surprise me any more...

I'm going to have to read some now out of morbid curiosity. Dammit.

What's so weird about Ghostbusters slash? Personally I'm still disappointed that there isn't more muppet show slash.

It's not weird, I suppose... just rather a shock to have one more piece of my childhood corrupted ^_^

How about Sesame Street slash? Or is that one just too easy, with Bert and Ernie...

Heh. You know, with Ernie and Bert it's kind of like with avoiding to think about your parents having sex. I'm happy for them, that they're a long term couple and all, but I don't want to know any details. ;)

Peter/Ray is my OTP.

...hypothetically speaking.

*waves* Hi! Sorry about disappearing like that last night! AIM kicked me off and wouldn't let me back on :-(

Anyway, to make up for disappearing, here's some RGB fic links for ya! :D



I'd rec anything by James Walksthewind and Lethe.

You're not hte only one. AIM was freaky to a *lot* of people last night.

And thanks for the recs! *hugs*

I just want to take this opportunity to mock someone else for their bizarre ship choice.

Dude, it happens so rarely. I take what I can get, you know?

No, Amy, you still have THE weird ship of ships. *Grins*

Peter/Ray forever!

I can see that a lot of people already helped you out. Still I didn't see a link for this site. I think this stuff is pretty good.

Gila's Cave

I hope you enjoy what you have found.

Whee! Thank you! *hugs*

There is fantastic Ghostbusters slash out there. Not only was I a huge fan and Peter/Egon 'shipper, but I wrote about half of a Peter/Methos epic. :)

*blinks* You did? Really?

I'm leanign toward Peter/Ray. The sheer absentmindness and cuteness of Ray just kills me.

Well, I slashed the cartoon, not the movie. In the movie, I would've loved to see either Peter/Ray or Egon/Ray. Ernie Hudson strikes me as impossibly straight--there was the perfect setup for it in The Crow with that apartment scene and I just couldn't make it happen in any way.

Toonslash, though...oh, yes. That fandom had some fantastic shit.

With an LJ name like mine, I should know this stuff...

Okay... do you mean "Ghostbusters" slash? Or "REAL Ghostbusters" slash? There is quite a large RGB fandom for the animated show, which was largely a J. Michael Straczinski project and is quite fan-attractive in content. I was unaware that there was a fandom for the characters of the two movies.

Re: With an LJ name like mine, I should know this stuff...

I'm on movie now, though if I can ever find the cartoon again, God alone knows. I wonder if The Cartoon Network or some other cable has it. I loved that cartoon.

I'm looking for the movie slash. *looks grimly* Though reading the cartoon stuff is fun, too.

Hee - When valerie was here, we recast GB the movie with QaF people - So Bill Murray was Brian and Justin was Sigorney (cause the KeyMaster and the GateKeeper stuff was funny) and Michael was Dan Ackroyd and hell - we did em all. I should find that post. I think Ben was Egon...

The keymaster was Ted, right? RIGHT?

'Cause I can totally see that.

I found the post. Luckily it was just a week after Valerie was here.


Sadly we did not make the keymaster Ted - someone tried to make him Ethan and was promptly shot down. Hee.

*snerk* I am not going to follow links to Peter/Egon toonslash.

(I've probably already read them anyway. *g*)

Did anyone read the new Ghostbusters comic book that came out about a month ago? Started up from where the first movie left off and was totally cool- lots of slash possibilities, very well written, issue two comes out in a few months, I think. It totally made me want to get into the Ghostbuster fandom, if there is one, which I guess there is after this thread. Anyway, I highly recommend it, if you can get a hold of it.

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