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Child somehow managed to hide his Mother's Day gift for me, which is showing that I am teaching him the art of misdirection and manipulation well. I'm very proud. And it's a gorgeous tea candle set. He has good taste, too.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in LJ land!


Finally updated my recs page, though I can't find three of the stories I was looking for. I know they're on my friendslist and posted in the last two weeks, but damned if I can find the things. Frustrating.

Anyway, about twenty QaF, three SV.

Also added It's Easier Than Falling. I really, really hate that I can't do my HTML automatically in Word anymore.

slumberparty04 is still voting on city and time period until around May 11, at which time we'll finalize, post results, and get down to the very serious business of venue.

I really don't make this sound like fun, do I? Really. Fun. Trust me.
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