Seperis (seperis) wrote,

I feel like I should be doing something productive. But I'm not. I started half-heartedly collecting recs and looked at Word for a long time, thinking I might start *doing* something, but no.


pearl_o is hiding. And this is stumping me. Grrr.


I'm really falling for this entire eternal pain thing going on in my music selections. I wisely stuck 66 in there, because you can only hear so many songs involving death and heroin and drinking before all three start looking far too interesting. I have too short an attention span for my own peace of mind. Not as short as josselin, who starts ficlets only to leave them hanging ALL THE TIME and yes, I'm hounding you pretty much nonstop until it becomes so boring you are forced to write just to make me stop boring you with it.

*blows out breath*

Four Fics I'll Never Write, But Want To


I'm all thinking again of my Brian/Lindsay AU, especially after throughadoor's charming Five Things That Never Happened to Gus Marcus-Peterson, because the sheer amount of passive aggressive misery they'd have going on would be extremely entertaining. Not to mention all those dinner parties where Brian can't get afford to get drunk because Lindsay's getting tired of that excuse on why she finds him and his clients in random closets throughout the house. It'd be so soap-opery, too. Lindz can fuck the family lawyer in retaliation while Brian has a not-so-discreet affair with this kid who so will not leave him alone. Michael could--well, okay, I ran out of inventiveness there. I'm not sure what he'd do with a psuedostraight Brian.

God, even saying that feels unnatural as hell. I'm pretty sure the laws of nature are contravened by the very thought.


The Brian/Michael One - a long, long time ago, back when I was still enchantedly tripping through roses and wearing out my tapes watchnig the hospital scene in season one, I thought, briefly, how cute Brian/Michael would be. They're not my thing at all, but sometimes, it makes me wonder if Brian had been a little higher when he got the message or Justin hadn't been there and available for marathon post-age-trauma sex, if Michael would have coaxed Brian home after and then sex would have been had. God, totally the absolutely wrong time and place and the sheer nightmare of what Mikey would have gone through when Brian woke up...but still. Sometimes, they make me wonder. If there hadn't been a Justin.



Justin/Gus still exerts an unhealthy fascination for me. I turn it around at corners and think how very much it squicks me in all the right ways. I have no actual plot for another one, and really, unless I want to embrace this at a semi-OTP level, why the hell do I need to write another one? But it's pretty, mostly because I think Justin would totally understand how hunted Brian felt through most of season one if Gus fixated on him with all of Brian's single-mindedness and sheer lack of shame. A lot like Justin, come to think.


I could always sequel Stories, but eh.


Letter fic. It's weird. I like letter fic, because it's first person pov without having to be narrative, and it's usually depressing, since apparently, when writing letters, you only do it when the world is going to end or you are planning your own imminent demise. I'd challenge for it, except I can't think of a running theme. It's sad, that. But Michael, writing a letter to Justin.

*thinks* I wonder what Michael's penmanship is like.

I'm going to clean my room and start thinking of stealthy ways to pimp so-far-indifferent friends into my fandom. 'Cause I need something to *do*.
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