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LJ Hide and Seek - The Interactive Experience!

Doesn't that just sound cool?

Rules, as created by julad, with me jumping up and down going Yes! Yes! Yes!

1.) hiding limited to a person on your friends list. No locked entries.
2.) post a comment on a post that says, Hiding Here
3.) then post three obscure hints in your own LJ about where you are
4.) limit to two months back from current date.

Or be less obscure. Make it possible. If they hide in your LJ, no, you can't guess.

Anyway, starting up, here's the clues for me.

1.) former smallville fandom
2.) color related
3.) five things that never happened

Okay, let's see if that's enough. Person who finds the hider gets to hide. When you find them, post here, not in the LJ you found them in. Link is all you need, then jump to your journal and post the above.

Anyone want to play?

Update: pearl_o did it! Go here for her clues</a>
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