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tempermental week of endless boredom

I want something to *entertain* me, dammit.

So I ordered books.

I've been waiting for King Kelson to get married since I was around fifteen years old, so I was *really* excited to pick up King Kelson's Bride

Amindst other fantasy/sci-fi that are the result of an addiction and too much time on my hands at lunch.

I'm full of bitterness and also, coffee.

King Kelson pissed me off. S my happy reading time was spoiled, because dammit, that was *way* too rushed in resolving every freaking plotline. And I'm so tired of St. Camber everything that even seeing his name brings about a deep desire to bring back the good old days of yore when you were *burned* for talking about him. In Gwynedd, anyway.

Now right, Kelson's brides tend to be stabbed to death on the altar seconds after marriage by close relatives, or get married to other people while Kelson gets laid by girls in random caves. Yes, he is kind of bait for tragedy. So I had high hopes that this bride would work out, but would be interesting in how it was executed.

Well, no. He was lovelorn and depressed for so many pages that I just wanted to kill him and let someone else, *anyone else* take the throne. Rohanna was unendingly depressed and understanding, and you know, I like some of my exes, but never have I gone out to pick out my replacement. And Araxy just made me wish for a stiff drink, because really, she is the most terrifyingly understanding bride ever.

And Jehanna! Sees the light! And Kelson! Gets married! And has sex! While in his right mind! And everyone else is married, all enemies are slain except that one, I think, and all the plotlines are fixed forever and that book managed to bore me silly.

I can make the best of Anne McCaffrey and her skittish approach to her own canon. I'm okay with the fact that we *still* don't know who the hell is Weyrwoman of High Reaches weyr, and that T'bor was yet again completely forgotten about, and are they keeping Kylara in the Lower Caverns or something in her mindless state? I miss F'nor and Brekke, because Brekke did tragedy in cool ways. Mirrin can only annoy me more as time goes on, and when the hell did she and T'gellan get together? I own, I thought, every damn Pernese book and story, because I'm obsessed like that, but grr.

Still, I like them. And considering all the hanging plot threads, I assume that there will be another book in the series. Oh God, I hope so.

I need chocolate and for josselin to write me fic. Or bea_nonymous. Or you know, anyone who has access to a keyboard and won't traumatize me unduly.


The World Before Columbus: Five Things That Never Happened to Gus Marcus-Peterson. Especially fond of two and four. Funness.

Now bored again. *sighs*

I suppose it was a mistake to go to, pick a story randomly, and read, wasn't it?

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