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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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tempermental week of endless boredom
children of dune - leto 1
I want something to *entertain* me, dammit.

So I ordered books.

I've been waiting for King Kelson to get married since I was around fifteen years old, so I was *really* excited to pick up King Kelson's Bride

Amindst other fantasy/sci-fi that are the result of an amazon.com addiction and too much time on my hands at lunch.

I'm full of bitterness and also, coffee.

King Kelson pissed me off. S my happy reading time was spoiled, because dammit, that was *way* too rushed in resolving every freaking plotline. And I'm so tired of St. Camber everything that even seeing his name brings about a deep desire to bring back the good old days of yore when you were *burned* for talking about him. In Gwynedd, anyway.

Now right, Kelson's brides tend to be stabbed to death on the altar seconds after marriage by close relatives, or get married to other people while Kelson gets laid by girls in random caves. Yes, he is kind of bait for tragedy. So I had high hopes that this bride would work out, but would be interesting in how it was executed.

Well, no. He was lovelorn and depressed for so many pages that I just wanted to kill him and let someone else, *anyone else* take the throne. Rohanna was unendingly depressed and understanding, and you know, I like some of my exes, but never have I gone out to pick out my replacement. And Araxy just made me wish for a stiff drink, because really, she is the most terrifyingly understanding bride ever.

And Jehanna! Sees the light! And Kelson! Gets married! And has sex! While in his right mind! And everyone else is married, all enemies are slain except that one, I think, and all the plotlines are fixed forever and that book managed to bore me silly.

I can make the best of Anne McCaffrey and her skittish approach to her own canon. I'm okay with the fact that we *still* don't know who the hell is Weyrwoman of High Reaches weyr, and that T'bor was yet again completely forgotten about, and are they keeping Kylara in the Lower Caverns or something in her mindless state? I miss F'nor and Brekke, because Brekke did tragedy in cool ways. Mirrin can only annoy me more as time goes on, and when the hell did she and T'gellan get together? I own, I thought, every damn Pernese book and story, because I'm obsessed like that, but grr.

Still, I like them. And considering all the hanging plot threads, I assume that there will be another book in the series. Oh God, I hope so.

I need chocolate and for josselin to write me fic. Or bea_nonymous. Or you know, anyone who has access to a keyboard and won't traumatize me unduly.


The World Before Columbus: Five Things That Never Happened to Gus Marcus-Peterson. Especially fond of two and four. Funness.

Now bored again. *sighs*

I suppose it was a mistake to go to bjfic.net, pick a story randomly, and read, wasn't it?


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I suppose it was a mistake to go to bjfic.net, pick a story randomly, and read, wasn't it?

Ohhh, you're a braver woman than I! But if you needed a good laugh, I'm sure you lucked out. *g*

I totally need some good fic to read. Where are all the 403 gapfillers? Write faster, people!! I really liked that bea_anonymous fic, thanks for the rec.

I was *very bored*. And there was a Titanic crossover.

Yes, really.

I totally need some good fic to read. Where are all the 403 gapfillers? Write faster, people!! I really liked that bea_anonymous fic, thanks for the rec.

Oops, I didn't specify, the Gus fic is by throughthedoor, who also did that wonderful one, Call It a Good Marriage.

*happy place* I love my fandom.

Titanic? Bwahahaha! Oh, that's a classic, I'll have to check it out. Their hearts will go on...

Thanks for the rec! ::scurries off to read::

Keira -- you might want to check the memories of bea_anonymous if you haven't read her other fics. She's written some wickedly funny stuff (and she's good with the angst too).

Thanks, I shall! :) Hey, did you ever get the right version of the Panjabi MC song? I can email it to you if you want.

I got directions from autonomist but haven't gotten a chance to download yet. I'll let you know if I run into difficulties. Sorry I didn't get back to you about it -- I kept meaning to send you the link she gave me. I'm a bit on the flaky side at times.

No worries! Someone sent it to me last week and I only thought to tell you now. We're both flakey. :)

I need chocolate and for josselin to write me fic.

Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.

*stomps foot, grumbling* You *always* have a headache!

*mutters under breath*

It's that time of the month. I have to wash my hair. It's really late. I'm knitting a sweater for my poodle.

I don't mind McCaffrey's fast and loose canon - but I do mind the fact that what she writes now are mostly outlines of stories rather than real stories. I think the last full blooded, fully fleshed out plot seh wrote was White Dragon, and it broke her somehow. Perhaps she just got too formulaic, I'm not sure.

And I gave up on Kelson a long time ago.

When she has the title: Morgon Saves Derry by Sex, Sex, Sex then I will read it again.


Poor Derry. He *suffers*.

I liked The Renegades of Pern for all the history, but it was kind of outliney in the storytelling. *sighs* And i'm probably one of the few who *hated* The Masterharper of Pern.

But still. Dragons!

Dude, what is it with the moment? Everyone's hanging on LJ, bored out of their minds, and avoiding doing anything productive. It's seriously odd. *g*

Four words for you.

LJ Hide and Seek.

Is that even a game, though?

I have no idea how you'd play that.

Well, I was in the midst of writing fic when someone on my FList posted a very, very similar type of fic just yesterday.

And I cried.

*kicks dirt*

Oh, god. I used to be obsessed with Pern. I even spent like 5 years playing on a Pern-themed online role-playing game. Even when that kind of died down, I still read her new Pern books. And yeah, I kind of liked Masterharper, though there were huges parts that I didn't get. WTF happened with the Benden Weyrleader anyway?!

The think that what annoys me with McCaffrey is that she is really, really good at creating worlds and histories (I mean, don't you want to be a dragonrider?), but she kind of sucks at writing characters. I was pretty young when I read most of her books (around 13), but I realize now how horribly cliché all her characters are, it's kind of awful. And yeah, lots of loose threads everywhere. I was really, really disappointed with The Skies of Pern, so I don't even know if I'll bother reading the next book, if there is one.

I'm so waiting for someone to take it into their heads that there need to be Deryni films. With a good cast, please. And then slash. Yeah. Is that too much to ask?

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