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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a variety of things
children of dune - leto 1
Beginning wiht a "Hey!" to the new people on the friendslist. If you wanted to, and it's by no means a requirement, drop in, say hello, tell me your fandom? Fun stuff, even. I'm just curious like that.


I had a weird day.

Mortgages and Grown-Up Things

raincitygirl and deadlychameleon left me food for thought on my angst with the idea of moving in with my sister. Especially kick starting me into thinking seriously on this entire 'buy a house' thing, and the downpayment thing, and the surfing real estate websites during lunch thing, and then the pre-qualifing thing to see what I can get. I had no idea how many types of mortgages there are. I did, however, find a condo, noticably free of snakes, in north Austin, that I'm kind of drooling over. I think I have the motivation to start saving. Truth is, I *could*. My DVD buying extravaganzas, my sudden obsession wiht all things Express, not to metnion that scary addiction to Jack in the Box and weekend clubbing, could all be cut in favor of saving for a downpayment.

This isn't exactly what I want--it's kind of small (read, less than 1000 sqft, it's not the best part of town, but it has four things going for it that I really like.

1.) I know Austin real estate prices well enough to know that while the area isn't great, give it ten years and with the rate Austin is growing, this is going to appreciate in value. My great grandparents used to own a house in what is now north central Austin, when I was Very Very Young. I looked at the house recently, that now sits on what appears to be land worth more than all my internal organs on the black market. Yes, this is depressing.

2.) I'm going to make more money eventually. And when I do, I can actually *afford* to buy the place I really want in the place I really want.

3.) Very near a really well-rated elementary school, very, very near my job. I could take the *bus* to work. No driving!

4.) Stairs. I love stairs. Deck. I love decks. Big living room. I love big living rooms. No mowing or snakes. These are both very good selling points.

The only way I can do this is to *not* move yet, and combine what I save this year with my income tax refund next year to make a downpayment. This is something terrifyingly possible.

Yeesh. I'm talking myself into cold feet.

Queer as Folk Recaps

Or, the smart people, talking. Thank God. Linking only the unlocked entries. No-spoilery quotes.

reboot_wlm here.

The word of the episode seems to be ‘puke.’ I think Cowlip thinks they have to interject some mention of bodily functions or show us somebody peeing in every episode or they haven’t earned their money.

sisabet here.

Man, I almost got a concussion from all the frickin' anvils. This show makes Marti Noxon look subtle.

eliade here.

Figured "Pride and Prejudice" summed up the Justin arc, if nothing else.

riddering here.

Who knew a man capturing drains and mildew on film could turn me on?

mlheathen here and here. The second one *might* have very light spoilers for later in the show.

mean subtlety and Cowlip haven't met before so I am hesitant to believe that this could be the case.

valerie_z here.

First, there are some shades of pink that people can wear and look good in. That is not one of those shades of pink. Just, ew.

*bounce* I need more to read.

Also, almost done. *Crosses fingers* So close.

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Fandoms: Smallville and Queer as Folk. I love your writing. :-)

Hee! My favorite two fandoms! *g* Yes, I'm this dorky.

*hugs* Welcome! And thank you.

i'll play: dig your queer as folk stuff, heard good things about you from isilya.


*thinks* Okay, maybe not. *g* And I swear, I just saw your name on my friendslist for something and now I'm insanely trying to find out what it was.

I'm sort of avoiding my remix here.


Also--do you write?

You know, I could probably answer that question by just going to your LJ.


i write! which you, uh, probably figured out by now. i might sound vaguely familiar to you because i've written mostly in popslash and you're dipping your toe in that water, aren't you? but i was making isilya beta this QAF story that i just wrote and i was very, "eh, i don't know anyone in that fandom, okay? beta this!" and she mentioned that i should check you out and here i am. it's like a friends referral service.

I did a total immersion experience in popslash. It was surreal. And *fun*. *g*

Call It a Good Marriage and that Gusfic you just posted? God, they were *good*. My apologies for not getting aroudn to comment. I kind of cut myself off LJ until I finished my remix.

...okay, I cheated, I read those, but *that* was by accident, because relaly, good QaF fic is blue moon stuff.

*hugs* Welcome to my LJ. I look forward to stalking--er. Seeing you around?

hey, i feel you -- the first time i ever wrote a remix story, it sort of took over my life. but i'm glad you dug those stories, thanks for telling me! also, mmm, stalking. my second favorite sport after croquet.

New person popping in to say hello.
fandom = QAF, QAF and more QAF

*waves merrily*

I recognize you! Whee!

I'm very easy to excite, you see.

*hugs* Welcome!

Notice the Bathroom sync

Notice how perfectly synchronized Brian and Justin were in this scene
watch that Brian waited till justin turned off the shower before he flushed the toilet?????
it made me awwww
i know im weird
but it was sweet!

Re: Notice the Bathroom sync

No, their pure cuteness was frightening. They are freaking married. *g*

Re: Notice the Bathroom sync

lols yeh they are . . .
ooh an idea for an icon

a picture of Brian flushing the toilet and then the words on the icon saying "Because He waited to flush . . ."
LOL hahahaha

Oooo...Can I play too?

Fandoms: QAF, Smallville, BtVS/Angel

Have to say that I love, love, LOVE your writing. I am completely unashamed to say that you, my dear, are the reason that I began reading fanfic. Your SV fics got me hooked!

I admit that I was a late-bloomer, QAF-wise (Didn't start watching until this past Thanksgiving vacation...thank GOD for DVDs), so when I learned that you also wrote QAF, well...

I squeed. I actually squeed. Sigh.

Anyway, nice to meet ya!

Re: Oooo...Can I play too?

Wow, thank you! *blushes*

Dvds are The Crack of Fannish Obsession. God, I love them *so much*.

*hugs* Thanks so much for dropping in to say hi! And welcome!

I fell in love with your writing in the Smallville fandom -- and now that I've discovered the Queer as Folk fandom, I'm falling in love with your writing again :) It's a very awesome feeling *grins*

*waves happily* thanks so much! And sorry about the delay in answering--the EVIL REMIX FROM HELL took over. Gah.

But it's done, and I'm happy.


*waves again* Welcome to my LJ!

My fandom is QAF. I'm completely beyond obsessed, and have been hunting down others who are so. To feed my addiction and all! And your writing is lovely. And your posts never fail to amuse. And I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Who of the people that you always post ep-recaps from are unspoiled? Cos I am and I *really* want to stay that way. Okay, so anyway, that's me!

*laughs* QaF is fabulous. *nodndood*

Um, looking at above, all I listed except the specific disclaimered one are spoiler free in those particular entries. I can't vouch for the future, but valerie_z and wrenlet have both declared their intentions to remain completely unspoiled pre-airing, and I've been trying to mark by the entries when the content is future spoiled.

And welcome to my LJ!

Hi, new friends list person checking in! I'm having a busy month, so I won't be checking or updating LJ much over the next month, but I thought it'd be polite to drop by anyway :)

Fandoms: Mostly Harry Potter and Smallville (Clark/Lex is my new obsession. I think I'm bordering on OTP.) I also read stuff from a dozen other fandoms occasionally- LotR, Discworld, PotC, X-Men and Good Omens to name a couple. I found a rec for one of your Smallville fics (Sleep While I Drive), got hooked, and ended up here! (And one of these days, I'll actually remember to review something. Honest.)

*waves merrily* Sorry about the delay in answering. Remix is done! Yay me!

*hugs* Welcome to my LJ, and thanks so much for stopping by to say hi. Smallville is *crack*. *nods* Very.

New Friend Here.

Only started using LJ recently, but I have always e-mailed you feedback. I have been a fan of your Clex stories forever.

I was so relieved when you started writing QAF. I only read one other person’s QAF stories.

I think you are one of the most talented Fan Fiction writers ever and every time you update it is like getting a wonderful surprise.

*hugs* thank you VERY much. *blushes*

And did you use timbermeshivers for your email? I either recognize the name or I'm having a breakdown finaly, which would kind of be a relief.

*hugs* Thanks so much for stopping by, and welcome to my LJ!

Your welcome and Thank You for writing such wonderful stories.:)

I did use timbermeshivers when I e-mailed you.:):):)

I guess I'm one of the new friends... I read in a variety of fandoms, but I found you through Smallville. I have really enjoyed your writing, (so good! so much!) I've only seen one or two episodes of QaF, so I don't really know the canon, but I've read and enjoyed some of your QaF stories too. I'm pretty much a lurker, but I will probably pop-up now and then to feedback. =)

Oh yes, I used to live in Austin (couple of years ago) before I moved back to California. Great place to live, I still really miss it.

*waves and hugs* Thanks for stopping by!

Austin rocks. It scares me how much I love it. Stone cows and all.

*more hugs* Welcome to my LJ! I hope you have good time!

(QaF is crack, like SV)

See, that's good, that it'll take you close to a year to be able to afford a down payment, because that gives you time to be sure it's what you want (or find something better).

*nod* God, I hope this works. Then I can worry about furniture and such.

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