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qafreview: s4e3

I'm insensitive and rude and so not focusing on the issue here.

But. People. It's pink

Brian and Jennifer

That relationship is confusing the hell out of me. I mean, in a good, positive, oh thank God, I'm so tired of the vague hostility way. It was boring. They're cute. They're disturbingly cute. I almost expected Jennifer to pinch Brian's cheek and ask him if he's eating properly.

Seriously. Brian's married.

I love that Brian and Jennifer are bonding via real estate. I love that Jennifer picked out the Baths as a place to show Brian--and again, the mother-in-law feeling here was unreal. I am bewildered that Brian makes amateur photography look like really slow, really good sex. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised--he makes pretty much everything sexy. He made Stockwell sexy, for God's sake. But still. That was good for me. What I'm not entirely clear on is why the faucets needed quite so much attention. That was kind of icky. And I kept worrying that Jennifer would get a heel caught in the drains. But man, has she come a long way in four years.

Just for a second, trace this path for her--from stay-at-home upper-middle class suburban mom of two great kids, to single working parent, who lost her husband, her house, and pretty much most of her familiar life over her son's sexuality, who watched him nearly get killed. Who is now wandering around the Baths with Brian.

I'm endlessly amused at the visual of Jennifer walking around in the same place that just two years ago, Brian was watching Dr Dave get a mediocre handjob. *sighs* Happy memories.

But yeah. That was--different.


I'll say it up front--Justin kicking ass is pretty much my new kink of choice. Cody is hot. I am okay with Justin fucking him. Once-only.

Rewinding, me and Cody aren't bonding well. Instinctively, I dislike him, but part of it is that entire future-Charles-Manson vibe he's got going on. You really just don't want to think of him armed, you know? Me and Cody, despite my approval of Justin nailing him, got off on the *really* wrong foot with the rudeness to Daphne. Yes, I get it, all gay posse, fine, but you're in her living room, asshole, so tune down the heterophobia there. Also, you're fucking up her floor with all that hair, and I've cleaned up after cutting hair, so I know what a bitch it is. I'm less than impressed with Justin's silence until she leaves, too, which actually, I'm kind of wondering about. It's not like we're with Season Two, I Suffer and Martyr Myself in Silence or Orgasms!Justin. It smacks of a little insecurity with the coolness of the new kids and wanting to fit in. Hmm. Makes this little jaunt into vigiliantism more interesting. And Cody's got some charisma to him.

And canonically, Justin lives with Daphne. I'm sure she was endlessly surprised by hearing this as well.

I have to admit, I'm not entirely used to the hair. I *thought* I was, but I went from God-so-pretty-blond to that entire post-lice-infestation look. For some reason, and this is really unreasonable, he looks more like he did in season one to me--at least, nothing to hide his face. Liken unto Sampson, the hair was the source of his angst or something, and okay, that makes even less sense. Ignore me.

Brian thinks it's hot. Brian would think Justin wearing a minidress and heels hot, though, so at this point, he's no judge whatsoever. Being in love does that to you.

Justin's first night being a defender of the Gayopolis was--strange. If the point is to show the escalation, I see why they started with stripping and humiliating the hecklers. Apparently, this is hot, as shown by the fact that Justin ran, not walked, back to the loft to get himself seriously laid. Brian's worry over Justin's injury was cute, but minimal--I get the feeling he's very aware this is a powder keg that could go really, really bad places if he pushes too hard. And honestly, he's not really all that proactive in stopping Justin when he starts getting Strange Ideas--the Gay Straight Student Alliance, dancing for Sap, living with Ethan. Picking Justin up after, sure, cleaning up later, sure, sarcastic commentary, God I love that, but he tends to let Justin go his own way and let him figure it out for himself.

Also, Justin is kissing people again. Though his back-off moment before giving in was cute, it also kind of makes me think about his reaction to Cody's little chat with Daphne. Hero worship, minor crush, or insecurity? I'm thinking on this one.

And to reinterate--watching Justin knock the shit out of that guy beside the restaurant?

Hot. I'm pretty much going to hell here.

Ted, Emmett, and everyone else

There's really not much to say about them, since Ted still annoys me, but I totally get his need to keep everyone at a distance. He acted horrifyingly bad, he fucked up in epic ways, and now he's humiliated, so he lashes out, believing no one will understand his angst. Cry me a river, sweetie. This isn't exactly new behavior under the sun.

Michael resembles a really sad bloodhound to the point of parody. If I can figure out how to run the wires from the DVR, I'm iconizing that. It's just amazing.

Emmett's in eyeliner, and life's good, though they did some funky lighting thing in Babylon and made his forehead look vaguely Klingon-y. Brian's confrontation with him after he broke one of the Commandments of Brian--thou shall not fuck with The Michael's little feelings--was kind of hot, and I'm still amused that people just *back off* when Brian makes interest plain. I'm pleased to see that Brian's back to recreational drug use, because all the mellowness was scaring me.

Whee! Before I finished this, wrenlet got her episode thoughts up here. Now could the rest of the usual suspects come out and play? I'm kind of itching for discussion.

*bounces impatiently*
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