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children of dune - leto 1
Fangirl Slumber Party 2004

The poll for slumberparty04 is still running and will continue to run for roughly another two weeks, so as to nail down location and date. If you think you want to attend, go check it out and vote. Next up on voting will be more specific location and general feedback. Feel free to ask questions or remark as desired.

I'm trying to figure out if I can make cookies and transport them with me that weekend, or if new airline restrictions regard cookies as deadly weapons. I'm really not up to date on the latest and greatest paranoia regarding air travel. I will have to leave my knitting, unfortunately, but on the other hand, I'm kind of bad at it, so maybe that's for the best. Also, I've been warned I'm not allowed to bring my shoe annex, which is depressing. Right, who needs to carry ten pairs of shoes around with them on a trip? Also, I understand that while heels are great for work, maybe not so much for extensive walking around. I'm looking at my shoes with a jaundiced eye--since I got the promotion, I haven't actually, er, *bought* flat anything. I don't think I even own a pair of tennis shoes anymore.

I worry about some of the most pointless things *ever*. This distracts me from useful worrying, like saving for a down payment on a long term residence and the really kind of scary temptation my sister is offering in regards to moving.

The Last Temptation

Really, this is really only interesting to me.

She and Husband are buying a house. To make mortagage payments easier on them, and because they know I want to move closer to Austin, they thought up the very bright idea of asking me to move in with them. Child will share a room with Niece, I get my own, and also, a house in a really pretty town much closer to Austin. The rent she'd charge is *really* tempting, and the house they're looking at is gorgeous. The clincher is the easy babysitting thing for both of us, and the Very Damn Close school for Child, which is large enough to have variety and small enough to be comfortable.

Actually, there's not much bad here, except for a few key things:

1.) My sister is more of a control freak than I am. This is quite literal. I'm passively controlling, and I tend to only do it with things that are worth the effort. Sister believes she has a mandate from God to help others live richer, fuller, more social lives, whether they want to or not. Usually, we can avoid each other, but sometimes, she takes it into her head to proactively go out and help me have a richer, fuller, more social life. If I wanted a richer, fuller, more social life, I'd take up stripping, and I told her that.

Let's say that I'm still feeling the aftershocks of that conversation. She also spends quality time speculating on whether or not I'm sleeping with my best friend.

2.) No matter how low, that's still money that could be going toward a mortgage downpayment.

3.) Yardwork. There's a reason I'm looking at condos in Austin. I'm only okay with yards that I have nothing to do with. Because if it is green and alive, I will make it brown and very dead. Ivy and cactus and hermit crabs, all dead by my hands. I can kill *rocks*, people.

4.) Mortgage, mortgage, mortgage.

5.) Packing up all the stuff I have now. Dear God.

Decisions, decisions.


So close. I am late, but it is *so close*.

*bites nails*

I can do this.

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Well, you didn't actually *ask* for advice, but I'll volunteer it anyway. Just remember, free advice is worth what you pay for it.

I'd say don't do it. If you're living rent-free right now, and using what you would be paying on rent to save money for a downpayment, then every extra outgoing puts you further away from your goal of a home of your own. Plus, it sounds like your sister would not be the world's easiest person to get along with on a 24/7 basis. Yeah, I realize there would be advantages in that you'd have a shorter commute and you're not happy with the school Child is currently at. But if you're serious about buying in Austin, then Child will just have to switch schools *again* after you've been living with Sister for a while. At the moment it sounds like you have a relatively okay dynamic going on in terms of the family members you live with, and moving in with Sister could be a change for the worse.

My unsolicited advice would be to stay where you are for now and save money like a demon. That way you'll only have to move all your huge amount of stuff once, rather than twice.

Um. My 10 cents worth of unsolicited advice that you should feel absolutely free to ignore regarding the temptation? Don't do it. Start setting aside down payment money, but don't do it. I generally advise people to move from greater concentrations of roomates to lesser, rather than the other way around. If you absolutely hate living where you are, then consider it, but it sounds like having seperate places for you and your sister to retreat to is a good thing. Also? Kids do not like sharing rooms. Trust me on this. It would be awkward as they got older anyway, because of the boy/girl thing. So, we're talking an impermanent arrangement anyway, right?

If I wanted a richer, fuller, more social life, I'd take up stripping, and I told her that.

This is on the long list of reasons why I adore you. :)

Cookies I think you can get away with. Knitting I myself have been pondering -- much as I would love the option of working on the current sock on the plane to MW*C, I think I might have issue with airport security due to the pointy nature of the needles (even if I swapped the metal ones for plasticky ones), so I'm probably going to stick it in my luggage and check it.

And everyone else has pointed out the downsides to moving in with your sister. (Another one is that you have potential hurt feelings if you move out because you're fed up with her rather than because you've got the money to start putting into a house. Though I'm a condo fan for the aforementioned yard issue -- you still own it, but no yard. Course, I prefer apartments anyway because of no yard, possible pool I don't have to maintain, landlords to hassle for maintenance rather than having to do it myself, and no realtors to deal with when moving.)

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