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Amazon is this special addiction, because you can't just buy one thing. Well, you *can*, but if you buy less than twenty-five, is it even really worth it? Exended lunch hours are dangerous things. So anyway, I decided to impulsively surprise my dad with Dark Tower five.

This is why I don't buy him things if I can somehow get him money or food instead.

Me: So. Did you know Stephen King's last two Dark Tower books are going to be released this year? *casual* We don't have number five, do we?

Dad: I'm not going to read them.

Me: What?

Dad: They talk about this tinny sound.

Me: ...tinny sound?

Dad: It makes my ears ring.

Me: ....

Mom: It makes your ears ring?

Me: When you read it?

Dad: Yeah.

Mom: ....

Me: So you aren't going to read what is possibly the last three books Stephen King will ever write because reading about something involving a tinny sound in one of the books makes your ears ring?

Dad: Yeah.

See, I come by my neuroticism honestly.

Weird Shows

Child has become enamored of The Kids Next Door, which is probably one of those shows that works a lot better for an adult if you take a hit of something first. There's really no other explanation.

Also, George of the Jungle II just hurts me to watch. I like humor. I like silliness. But I started breaking down with the number of times George referred to himself in the third person in the same speech. And the plotholes....

Child finds it amazingly good. I bite my tongue and take allergy meds.


I went back to my home office to observe client interviews all day. Unfortunately, not so much with the interview-watching, but lots of working the front desk. There are some things that I can't handle, and one of them is watching clients line up and not being able to do something. My logins still worked, so I had a blast. Also, they made a mess of my desk.

M: It's not your desk anymore.

Me: I don't see anyone claiming it for Spain here, so yeah, it's mine.

M: Jenn....

Me: MINE. What in the name of God did these people do to my forms?

It was just the scariest thing. You know, in theory, they are getting along just fine without me. I mean, I'm not irreplaceble, I *know* that, and only my ego could be under that impression, but I did spend about thirty minutes today watching and wondering why we didn't have rioting in the lobby. That's just before I took a window.


Somehow, I pulled a muscle under my right shoulderblade. I have no idea waht is up with that. It hurts very randomly, or rather, very specifically--deep breaths, coughs, sneezes, and moving my arm in a way it doesn't like. This includes pretty much all movement.


And So We Begin by Erin. Because this is fun. Spoilers for future ep arc.

It could be just me, or is anyone else salivating at the thought of Justin beating the shit out of people?

Right, I'm a sick, sick person. I'm so going to hell. This has been established, so let's move beyond it. I like angst, and I have a sad, sad kink for violence that really, I know, me bad, whatever. Every bit of angst is pretty much worth it, since I get to see Justin violent and carrying weapons. And from the clips, I don't think Justin's exactly turned-off or anything by what he's doing either.

It doesn't hurt that Brian holds a gun either.


Of course, I also cheered Lex when he was shooting Nixon, and my top Smallville happy place is the image of Lex holding that gun on Nixon, so you know, I'm kinda doomed already.

Just going to indulge my inner darkness here. Pay no mind.
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