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svfic: somewhere i have never travelled, 10 (WAS lalala...)

Quickie thanks to liviapenn and the entirety of chat last night for, you know, general niceness.

Okay, now shall catch up on friends list. *breathes* I can do this. I can do this.

I made chocolate chip chocolate cookie bars, btw. VERY good. Chocolate and sugar shock commencing nicely. *g*


"I'm not engaged to Lois."

Lex, tracing the line of hair on Clark's lower stomach with every sign of fascination, glances up. "So I suppose I should revoke the contract on her life now?"

Snorting, Clark tries to stretch, wincing at the ache in muscles that aren't used to heavy activity, not to mention the burn in his ass that reminds him, yes, he's human all right. Rolling on his back isn't even an option.

"Where on earth did you hear that, anyway?" Clark asks as Lex tests the line with his tongue, smoothing the little hairs down, like some very sexy cat. Fingers are slowly stroking his hip still--Lex hasn't stopped touching him since they came down. Like he's trying to memorize everything, fingering Clark's bruises with gentle touches and little smiles that make Clark grin and hot at the same time.

"Contact at The Daily Planet."

"Your sources suck."

"So I'm beginning to think." A wet circle around his navel, then Lex slides back up the bed, kissing him lightly. Friendly kiss, like people do when they know each other so well it means everything and nothing at all. Settling beside him, Lex raises himself on an elbow, running curious fingers through his hair, and Clark sighs, arching into it. "Why would anyone think so?"

"Undercover thing a few months ago, fertility clinic. Went really, really badly," Clark answers, eyes still closed. "I really don't want to talk about Lois." Shifting closer, ignoring the twinges, Clark buries his nose in Lex's throat, licking softly at the skin. "You know, Perry is going to kill me."

"Oh, Perry's a much better subject," Lex remarks, and Clark grins as he lowers his head slowly back onto the pillow so Lex won't stop touching. "Quit your job. Move in with me. Let me tie you to the bed."

Strangely, the idea doesn't actually sound that bad. Clark snickers, reaching to run the palm of his hand down Lex's side. Silky skin he can't quite get enough of. He suspects he never will. "Get me a collar too?"

"Mm. Feed you regularly, fuck you daily, and you'll never need to buy clothes again. Which, considering your taste, would frankly be a relief to civilization." Warm lips brush his temple. "Are you hungry?"

"Is it feeding time?" Clark's stomach growls and Lex laughs. "Fine, yeah. Um, I should get dressed--" He really doesn't want to move. Even for food.

"Being rich has some great perks. One, food in bed. Two, people to cook it and bring it up. Don't move. Just--like that." Lex brushes Clark's hair out of his eyes, pushing himself up, looking over Clark's body with utter satisfaction. "You couldn't look more perfect if you tried."

Clark feels the blush, turning his head enough to stare into the pillow. A long stroke to his back and Lex moves, shifting for the phone. Right, call in for food. He could get used to this.

A few minutes of murmured conversation on the phone, and Clark turns enough to look out the window, watching the faint traces of the sun disappearing beneath the skyline, lighting up everything in yellow-orange and streaks of rich red. Breathtaking, even if he knows intellectually that smog is at least half the reason Metropolis is known for its spectacular sunsets.

Lex is settling back down beside him, distracting his attention, warm mouth trailing over his skin, followed with lazy swipes of his tongue. Clark catches his breath at the twitch of his cock. "Lex, um, I don't--"

"Shh." Urged onto his stomach, and Lex runs his hands over his back, lingering on his waist. "Relax."

"Right." But he's soothed by the slow strokes, the way Lex mouths his spine, slow and easy, like he's got all day to learn the curve of every bone, the texture of every inch of skin. Teeth brushing after, a tiny bite that makes Clark shudder, cock twitching more, God, it hurts but it's still so good.

"So where is she anyway? I expected her to be protecting your virtue at some point." Lex settles over him like a blanket, mouthing the back of his neck before slipping down beside him, absently pulling up the covers they turned down at some point.

"Interview thing. Have I ever told you how weird you two are?" Lifting himself up on his elbows, Clark gives Lex a long look. The smile isn't reassuring. "No, really. You're both weird. You have the worst public break-up in the history of Metropolis with not a detail in sight, and you both act like you'd dance on each other's grave. But Lois kills herself laughing at that fucking teddy bear and she's still the only one that has open creds at any and all LexCorp functions, public and private. Explain this to me."

Lex snickers. "Are we actually at the point in a relationship where we're comfortable discussing old lovers?"

Clark smiles, drawing both arms up to settle them beneath his head. "I've never slept with her, so that'd be only you. And I'm perfectly comfortable. Feel free."


Clark watches the play of emotion on Lex's face carefully. "Because I'm curious."

"You would be." Stroking through his hair again, fingers gently untangling knots, smoothing after. Clark lets his eyes fall closed. "We didn't break up because Lois had issues with my ethics, if that's what you're thinking. She had--at the time--no idea."

"Then what was it?" He *is* curious, but it's the kind that's almost masochistic. Tell me how close you were to being in a world where this day couldn't have happened, Lex.

"She didn't want to commit." Fingers move against Clark's scalp in an idle rhythm that could so easily put him to sleep.

Clark's eyes open. "You were--you were going to marry her?"

"Possibly would have been the third biggest mistake of my life, but yes. I wanted her to change to a LexCorp job and marry me. She didn't."

Yes, Clark could actually see this conversation taking a downslide with the very first hint of a job involving her significant other. Lois would never allow that. Proposing marriage--wow, had she even been in the same state before Lex got the words out?

But. "Why a mistake?"

Lex grins. "We fought a lot. About everything." The grin widens. "Dinner, dates, which apartment to sleep at, whether staying the night was acceptable, everything. Everything was a battle." Lex doesn't seem terribly upset by that. "I was used to people who would do anything I wanted, any way I wanted it. Lois was different. She made me work for what I wanted. She didn't like to be manipulated. She made me compromise. She made me want to compromise."

Clark nods slowly, ignoring the strange ache centered somewhere in his chest, the stupid ache that has no reason to exist. Nothing new--when Lois and Lex had still been seeing each other, he came to work every day feeling like that. But different now that he's--he's here.

It's stupid. "Are you still in love with her?"

"No." Lex says it so easily, so smoothly, that it can't be anything but true. Clark frowns.

"If I ask you next time you fuck me, will you give me the same answer?" No matter the state of his head, ass, or various protesting muscle groups, his cock's completely interested, pushing into the mattress, and Clark hisses. With a grin, Lex rolls on his back, groping until the tube appears under his hand. Like anything would disobey when Lex wanted it. Slicking his fingers, he looks at Clark.

"Fuck me and find out." One long thigh raising slowly, Lex slides his fingers tempting around the hole, staring into Clark's eyes.

"I've done this."

"With a guy?"

Clark's mouth goes dry, eyes fixing as Lex works a finger inside himself, flicking up to see the blue eyes glazing over, a slow flush spreading across the flawless skin.

"No, but you know, basics." Even to himself, his voice sounds--sexy. Rough, hoarse, thick. Completely understandable why Lex's smile fades, blue eyes darkening almost instantly. "Um. Lex." Another breath, then Clark pushes the petty barriers of flesh to the back of his mind, pulling up on hands and knees. Lex's cock is half-hard against his stomach. Leaning down, Clark licks a line from tip to base, bracing a hand on Lex's thigh at the first involuntary jerk. "I know this, too."

Lex makes a low, dark sound, like a purr. "Show me." Two fingers thrust inside him and Clark wraps his fingers around Lex's cock, letting the head slide easily into his mouth.

He does know this. Simple, slick tongue over tangy flesh, Lex shuddering and murmuring, fingers in his hair, urging him deeper, and Clark breathes through his nose and swallows, pulling his hand aside. Lips pressed to smooth, musky skin, and Lex says a few words that Clark supposes are supposed to mean something, but it's more like he forgot English and sentence structure, which is just fine. He swallows just to get that arch, then pulls back, shifting between Lex's legs and bracing both hands on Lex's hips.

He's always had to be careful, even here--too fast or too hard or hold too tight, can break bones like kindling, but this time--ah, this time, he can dig his fingers in and grip, suck hard, lose himself completely in taste and feel and sound. Meet every arch of Lex's hips, tease him with a brush of blunt teeth, hold him on the tip of his tongue so Lex can see and shiver, go back down smooth and easy.

Enjoy this, the way he's never enjoyed sex before, like anyone, any human can. Listen to Lex murmur his name coupled with endearments and curses and promises and believe it.

The fingers in his hair pull him off suddenly, and Clark grins, looking up.

"Inside me," Lex hisses, drawing up his legs, and Clark gets the lube instantly, slicking his cock. Almost shaking with it, all these first times coupled together, and he's dizzy and happy and utterly intoxicated. "Clark, please--"

He's wanted to hear Lex beg for *years*. Holding him over a volcano couldn't do it, but Clark's cock pressing lightly against his hole could. Laughing, Clark puts his shoulders under Lex's thighs and pushes, Lex arching hard, pulling him in.

In. Inside. No better word in the world.

Oh God, tight. Lex had it right, and he hears himself breathe it like a benediction, like a prayer, the slick heat clenched around him like it's fitting itself to him perfectly. Lex, shuddering, head back, throat on offer, and Clark flexible enough to lean, quick bite to the pulse of one artery.

Lex, who opens his eyes, sex-dark, intense, like the entire world is compressed into this moment, this second. "I'm not in love with her."

Clark sucks in a breath, then lets Lex's legs down, shocked breath like he's been running forever and never wants to stop. Lex, pushing himself up, Clark sits back on his heels, and Lex, on his lap, fucking himself on Clark's cock. Big hands in his hair, pulling his head up for a brutal kiss, and nothing can match this, nothing could ever compare. Like mainlining pure oxygen, he's heady and so hard he thinks he can fuck Lex forever, wants to, just to keep this, the taste of Lex, blood, sex, and he reaches down, fisting around Lex's cock, hard against his stomach. Fast, hard jack, whimpers and hisses filling the air, then Lex, shuddering and coming, clenching around him and it's too sexy, Lex fucking himself to orgasm on Clark, too impossible even for a fantasy, it has to be real, like the smell and the feel of slick skin and the bruises on Lex's skin from fingertips and mouth.

Coming forever, Lex's tongue in his mouth, and he's still shaking when they're tangled on the bed, wet and stick and Clark holds on and closes his eyes when Lex's arms go tight around him.

Like he'll never be let go again.

"Stay with me tonight." Whispered against his mouth, and Clark nods slowly. A slow, wet kiss, before Lex presses their foreheads together and goes boneless in Clark's arms. "Good."


The ringing--is a phone.

Clark blinks back to reality, opening his eyes on the warm disaster area he's currently inhabiting, the warm body pressed all around him like a cocoon.

"Phone, Lex."

Lex makes an unclassifiable sound that's probably negation, burrowing into Clark's shoulder, arm around his chest tightening.

"I--think its mine." At least, it seems to be coming from Clark's pants, and he stares very hard at them, wishing for a sudden bout of telekinesis to bring it across the room and into his lap.

"Not important."

Clark glances at the clock. It's--ten in the morning. How the fuck had that happened? It's hard to disengage himself--at least three quarters of his body doesn't see the point, the rest is only doing it under promise he'll be *right back*, and he crawls off the bed, completely shocked by the way his legs buckle and the sudden screams of protest from every major muscle group.

Ah. This is why he should have listened to that three quarters. Behind him, he can hear Lex snickering.

"Lay down, Clark. I'll get your phone."

"Don't you dare answer it." It could be anyone. Chloe or Lois or--Dad. It has got to say sad, sad things about him that he's still scared of calls from his parents, fully into adulthood and all.

Lex is across the room before Clark has even managed to completely lower himself down on his stomach, head turning to watch Lex look at the number. The grin's--not good.


He hits the button. "Luthor speaking. How can I help you, Lois?"

Oh Jesus. Clark buries his head in the pillow, listening to the pad of Lex crossing the room, a stutter as he steps over the trays from last night that had brought desperately needed refueling. Lowering himself down beside Clark, edging him over with a hip before stretching out. "Oh, Clark. Of course. Can I see if he's awake?"

"You're going to hell," Clark hisses, wondering if in lieu of firestarting eyes, his blushes will be the next wave in pyrotechnics. Lex grins and hands him the phone, rolling on his side to draw a proprietary hand down his back. Covering the mouthpiece, Clark tries out a look. "You know, she can't see you doing that."

"She's got a filthy mind. I'm sure she's got some idea what I'm doing to you." The strokes slow, becoming more petting, then Lex sits up, straddling his hips, strong hands on his shoulders. Oh God, that feels good. "Lois, Clark."

Lois? Fuck, Lois. Lifting the phone to his ear, Clark wonders if Lois can feel his blush all the way in Houston.

"Um. Hey. How did it go?"

The pause is really scary, before he hears a sound that scares him to death. Lois is snickering.

"Clark, my flight was late, they lost my baggage for six hours, and it was raining the entire time. My interviewee was a bitch of the first order and walked out on me halfway through. The hotel sent soggy pizza for room service last night. I ruined two pairs of extremely expensive shoes that are going to take me three paychecks to replace. Yet you have singlehandedly made this entire trip worthwhile. 'Lois, there is no sexual tension. Lois, it was never like that. Lois, why don't you trust me?'." The snickering becomes a full out laugh, and Clark forces his face into cool cotton, trying not to moan as Lex's hands work the too-tight muscles of his shoulders. Oh God, like his fantasy and nightmare combining on the astral plane. "I got some interesting information from some of my dad's friends, though." The edge in her voice makes Clark lift his head--she must have been frustrated if she was calling in on her father's friends. "You remember this LexCorp doctor we interviewed a little while back--"

"Yes." Clark tries to straighten, but a hand in the center of his back pushes him back down with no reluctance at all. "Yeah. I know him. When will you be home?"

"When are you going to be?"

Never? That would require moving, after all. "Um. I'll make you dinner." Lex presses sharp nails into his neck. "Early dinner. Like, say, six?" Is this what having a boyfriend is like?

"I'd hate to interfere with your sex life," Lois murmurs so blandly that Clark chokes. "Pick me up at the airport at five, okay? And you can tell me what made you sit up like that when I mentioned that doctor."

"Got it. Be careful."

"Always, Smallville. Have fun." Her snicker is the last thing he hears before she cuts out, and Clark stares at the phone for a few long minutes. "Okay, I'm missing something huge here between you two, but I'm not going to ask."

"The ways of your partner are mysterious," Lex agrees, kneading his lower back. "Call in sick to work."

Actually, he kind of has to. There's no possible way he'll be sitting in a normal chair all day. He knows his own limits, and having everyone at the Daily Planet watching him squirm and generally act more bizarre than usual just isn't something he can handle. Even if Lois was there. "Yeah." Punching in the number, Clark cranes his head. "I thought you had a job."

Lex smiles. "I'm taking a personal day." Climbing off him, Lex is on the floor light as a cat, like no, he hadn't spent the entire night in various kinds of acrobatic sex. "Join me in the shower when you're done."

Clark's horrified to feel his cock jerk hopefully at the low promise in Lex's words. He can't really help watching as Lex disappears into the bathroom, then stares down at his phone, pulling his mind from his cock and everything else that's happened, trying to concentrate.

Perry gives him a lot of leeway, he knows. Blanking the number out for now, Clark punches in Jimmy's and waits patiently. Voicemail, of course--he wonders if Jimmy is back yet and decides not.

"Jimmy, check something for me. I need you to cross-reference something for me while you're up there. Any recent discoveries coming out of any LexCorp business with any papers released by Dr. Cassius--I think the first name is Benjamin--and Dr. Rhinestadt. Send whatever you find via email. Bye." Now dial Perry and explain he's following some Very Important Leads for Lois and will be out most of the day. Sighing, Clark rolls on his side, vaguely surprised his back doesn't ache nearly as much as he expected it to.

"Clark?" Lex's voice is like a draw, making him sit up, giving himself another round of pain, but that's okay, because it's Lex. His legs are more steady now, or at least, acting like they might keep him upright, and he mutters his excuse to Perry while he's walking, barely aware of what he's saying, because there's steam coming under the door.

Hot, steamy bathroom with Lex in it. Absently, Clark turns off his phone and drops it on the floor, pushing open the door and walking inside. Instantly surrounded by hot, wet air, and Lex is only feet away, casually naked like it's just the most normal thing in the world.

"Done?" Lex asks, eyebrows raised, and Clark nods slowly. "Then come on."

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