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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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qaf link o'rama, amongst other things
children of dune - leto 1
God, have I missed being able to read weekly episode reviews. It's like crack.

riddering talks about Ted, addiction, and how very pretty Justin is when he is angry here. Really interesting insights. No spoilers beyond episode two.

chase820 examines the plot arcs, holes, and successes of this episode here. Really, really, *really* thorough.

All that anger and confusion at his mistreatment would have to manifest itself in some way. Brian's always been characterized as aggressive, emotionally distant, and vindictive as hell--I could totally see him beating the shit out of anyone who dared to cross him, in the years before he figured out that with enough power you can make people wish they were dead without ever laying a finger on them. In fact, if I were writing Brian, I'd give him a (now sealed) juvenile file with a few really colorful entries.

I'd pay money for this story. Cash. Right now.

Also, this entry is spoilered for up to episode two only.

westleyo talks here about the vigilante arc. Spoilers through entire arc, so if you're cherry, don't go.

wrenlet discusses all the prettiness here. Spoilered for up to episode two only.

valerie_z just amuses the hell out of me with the Little Justin Pain here. Spoiled for up to episode two only.

mlheathen marvels on the Eyeliner, Justin, and all kinds of good things here. Small spoiler for later season plotline at the end of entry.

beatperfume gets out early thoughts on the episode here, and also, falls for the Eyeliner of Hotness. This just makes me happy. No spoilers past episode two.

*looks* Okay, did I miss any episode commentary? *hopeful* As I need more to procrastinate with, better to hide from that damned remix that will end up pretty much destroying my soul. Also, I didn't link to any locked entries.

Or something.


....or something.

svmadelyn is still running the Fannish Slumberparty Poll, so if you're interested in going, go make yourself heard. She also notes in her latest LJ entry....

I am going to pimp this one or two more times, to get as wide a range of people as possible answering. Then we'll take two places and two months and run those off around Wednesday. A community will be created (I think I'm up to twelve communities. LJ breaking them down on userinfo was nicely helpful for me. I...like to organize things? is all I can say.)

Also. This is kind of cute.


Stolen from gem225 and about a million people on my friendslist. Ah! I can procrastinate doing this!

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then, if you like, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

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I'd pay money for this story. Cash. Right now.

You and me both. Someone write it, please?

Whee! Now I can talk about the time we got in a big fight about Justin and Brian after we'd seen the pilot of QaF - I said that they'd never have sex again and you insisted that they would - and I dumped my glass of wine (white, thank goodness) and you told me I was a bitch and stormed out of the cafe. I'm so glad that you accepted my apology. :-)

*blush* on your head, I dumped the glass of wine on your head.

This making up memories is a lot of fun.

I was watching episode 114 or 15/16 something in there... the boys were sharing high school harassment stories and Brian told one which had his reaction to same being something which would very likely land him in serious deep shit. So, Juvenile record... I thinks so.

Hm... memories of Jenn

Second Smallville author I discovered (after Te), and absolute favorite. in 'Weird Coincidence' arena; Jenn has same name as favorite author in 'Farscape' fandom.

um, invent a memory... okay... jesus. Well. This is just too fucking embarrassing and I hope you don't mind my telling, but, geez, Jenn and I were at a barbecue at a friends house... great barbecue, excellent beer. Jenn had a few too many I guess... or maybe it was the macaroni salad... an unfortunate accident resulted in James hosing off the sidewalk while the rest of us put Jenn down for a little nap.



Who is this chase680, and why is she stealing my quotes? ;)

I, too, would pay cash for just such a story about a wild teenage Brian. I'd even write it, if I didn't have mustangsally_78 threatening me with death if I don't step away from the Brian. *Sigh*

*blinks innocently* No idea.

*grins* Also, fixed. At least I did the paste correctly.

I'd even write it, if I didn't have mustangsally_78 threatening me with death if I don't step away from the Brian. *Sigh*

*blank horror*


Don't you need, like, twelve step programs to accomplish that? VERY high failure rate, I hear.

*sidles up*

Come on. One little fic. Just one. It'll make you *feel* good. Trust me.

*reads sentence*

Dear God, I sound like a dealer. I mean, moreso than usual.

Honey, when it comes to Mr. Kinney we're all junkies. And there ain't no twelve step program that's gonna fix that.

Trust me, there is no stepping away from the Brian. He never stops whispering in my ear these days. Which sounds like fun, but it isn't--not when you're trying to inhabit another ficverse and he keeps hanging around all shirtless and seductive and distracting.


Wow, do you remember back when we were both in the delivery room at the same time having our kids, and it was this big race to see who could push out her little bundle of joy first?

Man, I couldn't believe the way you were puffing and shrieking, not in pain but in your vainglorious attempt to be the first to deliver. I don't blame you, of course - the millions of dollars in cash, prizes, and full-body massages given by Tom Welling were certainly incentive enough - but I have to admit, I was a little put out when you began plucking apples out of the large fruit basket next to your bed and winging them across the room directly at my head.

The thing that most surprised me was and is your fantastic aim.

Anyway, we all know how things turned out - you did, in fact, deliver your child first. You squeezed the little guy out, then sprang up off the table and did one or two or six victory laps around the room before grabbing the baby and doing a one-armed back handspring out of our room and into the maternity ward, singing the national anthem of Chile as you went.

Your resilience continues to be an inspiration to me.

I still boggle when I think of your demonstrating your amazing pickpocket skills when we were hanging in NYC. I still can't believe you managed to collect 4 wallets, 2 bracelets, a necklace and some cute guy's boxerbriefs without anyone ever noticing.

OMG! Do you remember the slumber party we had!?! We went out and robbed that chocolate store and that clerk was so freaked out but you just kept smiling at him and I threw everything in the pillowcase? And then we ran down the streets back to the hotel, and we climbed up all those flights of stairs because we both were freaked out by that freakish looking elevator and we dumped all the loot on the bed? And the we were awake all night, with "Let's Hear it For the Boy" and the QaF and Smallville soundtracks spinning on continuous rotation as we slaved over the oven and the pots the hotel put in our room to develop our brand new version of chocolate--ciocallatifen? And then we sold it to that company and made forty eight million that first day and went to Vancouver and M&G let us write the rest of the episodes all on our lonesome so long as we provided them with free ciocallatifen?! And we fired Kristen and got ourselves a sweet, sweet deal with Showtime so we could produce our version of Smallville that sometimes had crossovers with QaF and were aired back to back on every night of the week from that point on?!

Yeah, I remember all that too. Good times, Jenn. Good times.


Oh! That reminds me -- make sure I drop the second roll of film in to be developed, okay? I want to bring the photos to show you next time I drop round. I got the first set of pictures back and that one of you riding the camel is amazing -- the red of the sunset really makes your hair look amazing, almost pink.

I'm glad the way things turned out, even with our bus breaking down and our luggage getting stolen. Who'd of thought a couple of ex-cheerleaders would have to go native and fend for themselves in Egypt, of all places? I guess that's the way you make memories, though, by being forced off the tour bus and into the real world.

I'm glad that when I'm an old granny, I'll be able to tell stories about the time my friend Jenn almost got me killed and how we escaped by belly-dancing for a group of mercenaries.

Well, every time I think of you, I can't help but remember that time we met Michael Rosenbaum and Gale Harold in New York City... you remember? When they were shopping for some new club clothes, and they liked us so much, they dragged us with them, and we got to pick out all their outfits for them? I tell you what, that single dressing room sure got cramped at times when we were all in there, but the boys really didn't seem to mind... and I thought it was so sweet when Michael helped Gale get into his pants. Helped Gale get the pants, I mean. They were so tight. Um... the leather pants, that is.

And then Michael seemed so happy to help Gale him get off again. Erm... excuse me. I meant get the pants off again. Yes. He's such a giver.

Yeah, so... that was just a great day. *g*

Remember how you always used to run around the house naked with an apron tied around your neck as a cape? Remember how it was too long for you and how I used to jump on the end of it so you'd come to an abrupt stop before landing on your back? *sigh* Good times.

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