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i'm so not thinking
children of dune - leto 1
I am not sitting here, talking myself into exploring Brian/Emmett. josselin did not set these Very Wrong Thoughts in motion. jainieg is not enabling like some evil yenta from hell.

But you know...

Emmett would so feed Brian when he gets pissy. I swear, half of Brian's bad moods come from semi-starvation. He'd just stuff food in his mouth to shut him up.

I'm so going to hell.

Stupid episode.


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Ooooh. You should write Brian/Emmett. I would love you forever. And possibly it would involve stalkage. :D

I think Brian/Emmett should be the new Ben/Justin.

It terrifies me how much they could actually work out. Emmett's so easy going and so completely non-impressed with Brian's temperament. He'd mellow him so much.

So *much*. *sighs*

This is sucking me in. I'm resisting, dammit!

...I think.

*blinks* That... would kinda work.

On the other hand, I *like* Emmett, so I feel a bit nasty about even half-supporting the idea of putting him with Brian.

Emmett would mellow Brian in ways that even really good drugs couldn't manage. He'd *manage* Brian. Emmett thrives on being touchy-feely and Brian just *bathes* in physical contact, while Justin's a lot less tactile as a rule. They'd spend hours shopping for clothing together. Brian would always give him the brutal, honest advice Emmett needs sometime when his confidence is shaken.

It's almost scary how plausible it is.

Emmett would totally feed him into good moods. They would probably be the single most unusual couple on Liberty Avenue. jainieg said that Brian would totally take over Emmett's little attempt at keeping himself in shape.

And you know, in the end of season three?


They were *hot* dancing together. And they were hot today, with the giggling cuteness wiht the pictures and Emmett's groping Brian so adorably I just had to sigh.


I have a possible plotbunny for this if future spoilers prove correct. Must percolate on it. Percolate a lot.

jainieg is not enabling like some evil yenta from hell.


I like that! I think I'll make that my new official fandom title. (By the by, that had me thinking - should we all come up with our official fairy names now? True, not all QaF fans are fairies, but some of 'em have been watching so long, they should be honorary, at the very least.)

Evil, Enabling Yenta From Hell. Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?

(And Emmett so wrapped his scarf around Brian's neck all flirtsy like! And there was the hand-to-face-schlupping by Brian! So.in.love!)

We should have hononary fairies here. Totally.

That would be a good meme. *G*

:-O its not evil! its the greatest ship alive :D

Ack! I'm trying to control the random plotbunning here!

But they *are* both tall....

You know I'd read it.


It'd be *pretty*....

Especially with Emmett and his eyeliner.

*happy sigh*

If you're going to do it, can you at least make it a Brian/Emmett/Justin threesome? 'Cause at least that way, Justin won't be neglected. Because I cry when Justin's neglected. And you don't want me to cry, do you? *sniff*

Besides, if you're going to do something totally AU, you might as well go all out, don't you think? ;)

going to do something totally AU

Making them an actual couple would be AU but I'm not so sure the sex is AU. Back when Brian would announce that he'd had sex with everyone in the room and Michael would pop up with "not me!", Emmett never said anything. Brian never excluded Emmett either.

So while I'm not saying it did happen, I am saying it might have happened.

You are so preaching to the choir here. I've only written two fics and one was Brian/Emmett. Love that pairing.


They are just--mmm.

I'm all for Brian/Emmett if as a byproduct we get Justin/Blake.

Someone wrote one--Annie, I think her name is. I'm trying to remember where I saw it recced. Hmm.

*mulls* That would be unusual. I wonder how it would work?

the only snag I would see is that Brian doesn't seem to be 'physically attracted' to the 'nelly queens' type. None of the tricks that I can remember (BUT, my memory's not the greatest so..) over the years seem to 'fit' that mold - except maybe the guy that was following him around at the GLC carnivale - but he didn't end up with him - rather that tall, slinky, pretty boy that was sitting on his car. hmmmm.

Hmm. That's a good point. Though canonically, it does imply he slept with Emmett once.


I know you don't know me . . .

. . . but I had to comment. As odd as this strikes me, although, dammit, you make it seem less odd, I think it would be interesting. Not to mention that I think anything you write is quality, never mind the idea behind it, so I think the thought is worth pursuing. Whether or not it lands you in hell, I can't say! :-)

Re: I know you don't know me . . .

*hee* Welcome to my LJ!

It's *weirdly* attractive once it's stuck in your head, isn't it? Just strange. I keep bumping into random thoughts about it every so often.

They're both *tall*. *mulls*

I'd love to read Brian/Emmett but a few things boggle my mind as to how it could happen. For example: Emmett actually liking Brian enough to hound him into a relationship because you know the only way Brian can fall into a relationship is through hounding.

Or maybe this theory of food would ease Brian's strict rules. ;) What would happen to Justin, though? Could he be passed onto Ben?

See, that's the huge problem with Brian and a relationship with anyone else. I just don't think he has it in him--Justin concentrated a year's worth of effort, and probably the best blowjobs ever managed in the civilized world, to make Brian fall, so Emmett....

*frowns* See, this could be a problem.

What would happen to Justin, though? Could he be passed onto Ben?

*giggles* Like a puppy?

I want a Brian/Justin/Emmett sandwich, damn it, and someday, somebody who loves me is going to write me one. ::eyes you meaningfully::

Realistically, or as realistically as can be considering the topic, I just don't see Brian and Emmett in a relationship. Fuck buddies, yeah, that works, as you and Josselin showed so wonderfully, but not only are there the problems of Brian generally being resistant to relationships and Emmett being too laid back to push for it like Justin did, there's also both their feelings for Justin to consider. Brian loves Justin. That's my canon. Emmett is exceedingly fond of Justin, though I think he thinks he lost his "baby" to the bashing and he's been waiting for an explosion of some kind so they can all come out of mourning (plus there's that whole living his own life and dealing with Ted thing). And boy, do I digress. Anyway, my point is, I can't see Brian/Emmett unless it's part of Brian/Justin/Emmett. And as a fangirl of all three, that makes my little heart quite happy.

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