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I suppose OTPing Ted and Blake at this point is just going to end in tragedy.

But still.

I'm worried chiefly about three things right now.

First, that Emmett was disturbingly hot in the eyeliner. I mean, Emmett doesn't hit my buttons as a rule. But apparently, Emmett in Eyeliner is my crack, a special kind of crack, a scary kind that makes me go, oooh. Pretty.

Second, Ted and Blake's adorableness is pretty freaking frightening. Every time they appeared on screen together, I just tilted my head and went "Awww. Look at the puppies." Because they are cute. And I love Emmett, and apparently, I love Emmett especially hard in eyeliner, but man. Ted and Blake. They should so get a house together. They should so invest in more random black-and-white photographs to commemorate their opera listening. They should, I don't know, buy mutual funds together and go shopping for shoes. All those long looks. Man.

Three--in the entire group, Brian was the most sympathetic to Ted. That breaks every law of man and nature there. Though I am amused at Justin's wonderous escape act whilst his eyes glazed in horror, frantically trying to figure a way out of Ted's recital.

Note, however, of woe.

I can't *believe* Ted threw out that laptop. That actually hurt me. I suppose this won't be the last time I lurch toward the TV, thinking that really, these people have far too much disposable income if they can throw away *laptop computers*. I get nauseated if I have to throw out uneaten yougart (lost 99 cents! Ack!) or broken stereos that I've had for *years* and don't work anymore. Of course, I'm also a compulsive packrat, but go figure.

Brian and Justin

I pretty much broke spoiler hiatus in a big way by watching every *damn* clip on Sandstorm's site, so unfortunately, I know how this entire "Look! Justin gets in touch with his gangsta side!" is going to play out, sort of, except I'm trying to avoid thinking of that, since I'm still not completely comfortable with any group thinking that Pepto-Bismol is So the Way To Make a Fashion Statement. I totally get the entire embrace the stereotypes and fuck with them thing, and the color symbolism thing, and pink is luckily a color Justin wears really well, but. It's still pink.

Though I have to admit a certain amusement that Justin gets all "grr" in the same episode when Emmett talks to dead people.

God, have I wanted to use that line forever.

I'm curious, though, if Justin's subconsciously, or hell, consciously, Sunshine's a multitasker, still somewhat pissed at Brian because of the bashing and the aftermath, though, most notably in the scene where he was drawing. There was all kinds of bitterness there, and not just in generalized ways, and that rejection of Brian's touch at a count of three times in five minutes is brand new and not a little disturbing.

Or I am reading *way* too much into that.

Episode three will be the first where I have not read any episode commentaries seen by people who already *saw* episode three. I'm kind of looking forward to that.
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