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pre-wedding, pre-exchange duldrums

Because my sister's wedding is tomorrow and it's stressing. And because I love my DVDs and will miss them, as I have to exchange them, since three of the episodes arne't working at all. That I've found so far. So back they go, and hopefully, the new one will work all the way.

After many tries, however, I got to play the one I love best. I mean, the one I nearly wore the tape out watching over and over, because it just clicked.

I actually remember watching it for the first time this last summer on tape. I rewound it *then*, at something like three in the morning, because it just--you know, being aware beforehand what was going to happen through season two and three still didn't make me believe Brian was getting anywhere near being in love, even though I *knew* they were together as of the end of season three. It's a weird dichotomy. And also, I was deep in David dislike, which I still can't explain in any reasonable way. But there you go.

Anyway, my favorite scene ever in the show as a whole--at the bar, when Brian tells Justin that there's no going back. That entire thing, start to last, was just great, but that second, it just hit me--he really *likes* this kid. Genuinely gives a damn about him, the person, and his life, outside what has to be some seriously good sex.

I also appreciate, in extreme retrospect, how very much Brian doesn't pull any punches with Justin, which changes with unfortunate consequences during season two.

*warm thoughts*


You saw this coming, right?

Josiah, part seven by emrinalexander. I am obsessed with this story. I want to curl up with it beside a fire somewhere and drink really good coffee and just bathe in it.

And for those poor, unfortunate souls who haven't read it....

It's kidfic. You know, the scariest of the scary in the wrong hands, but luckily, these aren't scary hands. Josiah is cute and precocious, but not annoyingly cute and precocious, and Lex and Clark have *issues* and they're doing hysterical things with stepping around them until they suddenly feel the need to step right *into* them. And it's cute. And it's romantic. And it's funny as hell, and bittersweet, and I'm just thrilled to see where she's going with this.

*sighs blissfully*

Happy place. Until my DVDs go away and my sister marries, but first, the nightmare of getting into that dress.


Just, you know, on my death certificate? If it says death by asphyxiation in purple gauze, I'm so coming back to haunt her.
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