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Usually, I nap during lunch these days, what with insomnia and freakiness about sleeping pills, but today, for the first time this month, coffee rescued me. Stupid coffee. I was drifting off during discussion of timeliness in completeing childrens' Medicaid applications.

Honestly, my job is a lot more interesting than it sounds usually, but there is really no way to make *this* part interesting. No one can make time schedules interesting.


emrinalexander has another part of Josiah up, number six, cuteness. And also? Earnest. You don't watn to miss that, do you?


svmadelyn is running a poll on a Fannish Slumber Party, with nail-painting and things. And you know. Fans.

burnitbackwards talks about Brian Kinney and the Psychology of Abuse. Spoilered at least through ep six, so if you're desperately clinging to spoiler virginity, yes, this one will count against you should you read. But really good. And the really spoilery things are blacked for highlighting.

I have firmly decided to lose my link to Sandstorm's site until after episode six airs. I am *so* spoiled until then. I have vague spoilers for the arcs of the season, but unless I start to panic, I'm going to *really* try and not--look.


I think.

Try really, really hard.

Unless burnitbackwards keeps being so darn interesting.
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