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qafreview: s4e1, links to commentaries, random thoughts

Review of QaF 4.1 are up everywhere. *g* For those of us who didn't see it early, anyway.

Going backward in my friendslist.

wrenlet the Unspoiled talks here
valerie_z Who Is Trying To Stay Unspoiled for the Rest of the Season is here.
sisabet discusses here.


eliade talks here.

Belatedly adding jainieg commenting here.

And sweetbizzybee, right here.

I have no idea how I feel about this. I thought I'd be waiting until after work tomorrow, but dammit. Reviews. Temptation. Evil. And also, fast forward through commercials. I love my DVR. I am going to marry it.

Just a little thing.

You know, I have no idea how I feel about this.

As a B/J shipper, I'm all in the scary zone of schmoopy joy. Partners. A lot of cuteness. All that adorable cuteness. My God, that was a lot of cuteness. And Justin just killed me during the check-giving thing, because no one can possibly look that innocent.


*frowns* I need to see the rest of the season. jainieg and I are still arguing about it, and damn her, she makes good points. And it's not like I didn't sit through the end of my season two tapes screaming at my TV that Jesus, Brian, don't be such a fucking asshole.

It's just. My God, he is mellow. Mellow like he's been sipping liquid valium in his cocktails mellow. Mellow like, he's *letting people help him* and doesn't queen out, and that's got to be a sign of the apocalypse. And it's *nice* to see him and Justin secure enough not to be scratching each other raw at every turn. I'm all for the fact that the man this season has made significatn process from the man in season one.

Except I kinda *liked* him.

I really like his hair, though. They always do bizarre things at the beginning of the season with his hair. Especially season two, which was kinda Angst Hair Days before it got short and sharp and still make me wonder if we can predict an episode by what kind of hair he has at the beginning, since season three, there seemed to be a correlation between how odd his hair looked and how much he missed Justin. I think it could be done.

Eh. I'm not good for commentary. I want to rewatch and think, aww, cute. And not be so curious as to how long Brian can stay *this* mellow. Or if I even want him to.

#1 - Edited to add link to jainieg
#2 - added sweetbizzybee
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