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children of dune - leto 1
Good Idea: Hanging out with sister aned her future sister-in-law for improv bachelorette party.

Bad Idea: Telling bartender "surprise me" when he asks what I want to drink. Three times.

What made this different from every time me and Vannezsa go out is that we start dancing almost immediately, so I never really get anything but a little buzz. Sister isn't quite so active. Or you know, at all. And let me point out, clubs are boring if you're just sitting there. And alcohol makes like, air and one's shirt sleeve really interesting. Especially Drink Roulette, or "what the fuck *is* this and my, it's tasty" thing I had going on.

We had a good time, though. Weird, but good.


My life is boring. So I went shopping and bought way too many skin care products. I have no idea where this sudden obsession with exfoliation is coming from, but I carried on a serious ten minute conversation with the chick at Bath and Bodyworks about their spa products and the difference between the sea salt stuff and the shower gel stuff, and shea butter--this is apparently a Very Important Thing, as it was in everything and talked about like a religious experience. Child entertained himself by trying each and every scented lotion in the place. Spa Woman took him to the sink to get him cleaned up, but he really does have the smoothest skin ever now. Also, he's picking up a thing for scented lotion. I have no idea where this is going, but I caught him sneaking my new lotion. Hmm.

The sheer number of pastels was traumatizing. I get the entire, it's spring and go bright, okay, fine, but there's bright and then there's things that will glow in the dark and aren't designed to do so, and that's just scary.


London's finished up Easing Down Hard. It was very good. Very, very damned good.


rachaelanton and blaurosen finished up TeacherFic and really, this is the best day ever.

Except for the pastels.

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My Man likes scented lotions; he's been ragged on by macho co-workers about the flowery smell, but he's impervious--dude likes his lavender lotion. *g* Gotta love a man who's resistent to peer pressure to conform.

"I have no idea where this sudden obsession with exfoliation is coming from"

Wow, I thought I was the only one! I normally don't give a fig about my skin but yesterday I walked into a Rite Aid and bought a whole pile of exfoliating gizmos. It just felt very important at the time.

Maybe it's seasonal.

You can get scented lotion for the Child fairly cheap. And hey, it's better than a penchant for nailpolish in the sense of him getting ragged for it at school.

nothing important to add, just a little *squee* for your icon. :) is pretty

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