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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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multiple subjects, little time
children of dune - leto 1

Ah, yes.


lanning, may she write forever and ever amen, released the next of the Identical series, the longest running and best series in Smallville ever. So good it *hurts*.

Alliance, SV, Clark/Lex

And it's a *novel*.

Don't even ask how blissed I was to read it. There really aren't words.


The Regional Director I Have a Crush On came to talk to our class. I tried moronic humor and cuteness, and there were embarrassing attempts to be witty. God help me when I think I'm witty.

God help *everyone* when I think I'm witty.


Child got tentative clean report--nervous stomach. Upper GI and sonogram scheduled for next week, since the doctor wants to be absolutely sure. Which means, basically, it's his school. Which means I'm investigating every private school in Austin. There are an amazing number that I can afford if I sell a kidney. It goes up on e-bay the second I get him accepted.

*rubs forehead* It's frustrating, really. There aren't that many that are in a decent commute. I get him up at six-thirty now to get to school--I'm not making it any earlier. And the ones that are in a decent commute--I just don't know how I feel a.) about parochial and b.) how he does on assessment tests. He's never been standardized tested, one, and two, I'm not honestly sure about the level his current school has to be sure if he'll do adequately. I could find him a summer tutor, but that just seems cruel. It's *summer*.

I need to think more on this.


My doctor refilled my Ambien last week over the phone, since she's aware that I only lose sleep during a sinus infection/stress combo, and it's been five months, so she's pretty sure I'm not abusing it. I don't like it enough to abuse it, frankly--there's nothing quite so creepy to me as uncontrolled and irreversible sleepiness. It also seems to have that memory thing that really, really freaks me out--in which last night after taking it and waiting for it to kick in, I read about a quarter of Lanning--but when I went to check when I got back home tonight, the cursor was at nearly half, and I don't remember anything past around that quarter. Zip. Nada. I do think I remember going to bed, but now I just don't trust my memory enough to be sure I just don't assume I remember.

Also, Child got nauseated from chocolate bunnies on Sunday night, and apparently, it took him an inordinate amount of time to get me conscious. What worries me most was I might have taken one, then forgot and took another and forgot I took another--this is the actual part that's scaring me a little. I went to read on side-effects, but I didn't see anything that specifies memory loss like that. My count looks okay, but I can't remember for sure if I took one the first night I had them.

Grr. Stupid scripts.


During break on Monday, I had this huge ephiphany regarding a story I didn't like--not, mind you, that it wasn't good, 'cause it was--but you know, when you read a good, solid story that's well-written and you still have that knee-jerk *hate* reaction? I've done that visceral-reaction thing before, and this is one of those times. Then I forgot it when the evils of policy took over and there was staring at my instructor blankly involved, because, man, you would not *believe* how freaking convoluted policy can be when too many legislative sessions get it into their heads to try and reform welfare....

I could get boring on this subject *oh* so very fast. *g*

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Alliance!!!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just finished it. Wow. Left her a long comment, but I couldn't wait to squee about it elsewhere. Thanks for the opportunity. *beams*

yeah for lanning's new fic...and how fun as i'm checking back into sv at the moment (can you tell i'm ready to wave hp byebye...for a while at least???)

i so feel for you on the school issue. we've just decided on one for our oldest, and *i*'m having stomach cramps just thinking about it. commute and expense and pedagogical differences...

the not waking up thing is scary. i've had that once before and it really freaked me out, b/c of course you go through all the potential scenarios. the memory loss...wow!!! i hope they can figure out what's going on. *hugs*

Don't even ask how blissed I was to read it. There really aren't words.

*frowns* I have no enthusiasm to read it. Absolutely none. It's insane.

I mean, I know it'll be great, and yet... I don't have the energy to start reading it. (Much like "Despair and D...", the sequel to the Draco/Neville "Lust over Pendle". It's a novel length fic that will be a *great* read, but... I just couldn't be bothered.)

I'm not examining this lack of SV-enthusiasm with any real scrutiny, though.

What worries me most was I might have taken one, then forgot and took another and forgot I took another--this is the actual part that's scaring me a little.
Buy a pill box of some sort and make sure there's one pill in it in the morning. Only ever take the meds from the box when you're trying to sleep. If it's empty, you took one. I'd probably still feel really paranoid too though. Missing memories are scary.

news story here about stomach pain in children

I don't suppose you could ask to get Child transferred to a different school? I did that once when I went to public.

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