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After watching early season three and stopping before Ethan and Justin break up, I suddenly decided that it was a *great* idea to watch a row of those wonderful angsty B/J break-up vids that take so much of my harddrive in some kick of masochism. Yes, that was smart. I'm not sure where this entire 'punish yourself' thing came from, but this can't be good for my psyche.

See, I can yell at the TV when it's not Warioworld trying to suck my soul out.

For reference.

annaface's SR-71 Vid, My World, [Bad username: erinface"] with Coldplay's The Scientist and a rush of sisabetness that's like freaking *crack*. Oh, here, sit down and *have a really good screaming fit at the TV* why don't you? It's *Easter*.

Jesus, like I *need* to go through an anti-Justin phase. I *remember* my anti-Clark phase. It wasn't pretty. And I dedicated thousands and thousands of words to my--er. Not-happy-with-Clarkness. And I really can't think of how to get Justin into a lab to be experimented on by heartless scientists to relieve my feelings, either. The really depressing part is, I'm being *so freaking unfair*. And I don't even care.

Every damn time I run across a scene with Brian touching that trick's hair (what is that, the standard 'make me cry like a baby' bit? Every damn *time*.), I keep thinking, *right now* Justin better be like, falling over a crack in the sidewalk and breaking his hand or eating some really, really bad Chinese food or, I don't know, wearing socks that don't match.

God, I need something to do. Preferably something that *isn't* obsessing over the premiere. That, by the way, is taking *way too long* to start, 'kay? I'm going to have no fingernails left at this rate.

Also, I have eaten my weight in chocolate now. This should make me *mellow* dammit.

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