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random qaffic thought

Theoretically, let's say someone, who isn't me, wanted to write Hunter/Ethan. I mean, for no actual artistic value, but because so far, I can't find that pairing and what the hell, this is QaF, the one show where you can pretty much get everyone to fuck each other, because there's a better than good chance they've done it before in canon or thought about it at some point during an e-fueled high.

I love my fandom.

For some reason, the idea of Hunter sneaking out with Ethan's wallet afterward while he's sleeping just makes me happy. After referring to josselin, who, by the way, wasn't online when I thought of it and therefore wasn't able to derail me in time, I think it requires more thought, since I have, a.) Hunter hustles Ethan, and b.) Hunter steals the wallet. That is boring. And also, would require me to write sex between two characters that I find less sexy than toilet paper.

I'm thinking flying monkeys should attack. Or maybe the hotel has a convention fo gay Elvis impersonators. I mean, nothing says Comic Gold like gay Elvis impersonators.

Or this could be me, being reactive, since I forced myself to sit through Justin and Ethan making strange, icky eyes at each other early season three, like very dense, very loaded, very, very creepy sheep.

A very slight chance I just want a reason to humiliate Ethan. Just a little. Like, Hunter buys straight porn or a scary number of pay per view Adam Sandler movies or something and it shows up on Ethan's statement.


Stupid boring story. *smashes it*
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