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svfic: looking-glass, 7 (WAS svwip: li'l clark and li'l lex - 7)


I should have thrown this up on WiP Amnesty Day, except it's only, like, three or four sections short of being done, and that just bothers me in every way.

Anyway, obsidian_rai asked me about it, and I rememebered it still counted as active. One day, I'll hunt them all up and put them together in an html doc. That was supposed to be my reward for finishing it. I think the last time I posted a part was in September, which is really depressing.


Anyway, earlier parts can be found in here, because I've been trying to organize my memories a little. Five is deliberately missing because I don't think I ever posted it, as it wasn't finished, and because it was Jonathan/Nell, and their storyline gave me trouble, since they bored me a lot.


On the Day That He's Suspended (eleven years later)


Clark's pouting is hard to deal with even on days that Lex feels up to trying, but now--God, now he has to pull this when Lex is still exhausted from a too-late night. In a lab, for God's sake, not even anything interesting. Glancing up, Lex watches Clark drop cross-legged on the bed, eyes fixed on him.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were starting to believe your own press." Clark looks mutinous, eyes dark. "'*Oh no, I don't serial date, I'm just waiting for the right girl*' and I swear, someone quoted you saying you were saving yourself for marriage at that AIDS benefit in Hong Kong." The expression breaks then, and Lex laughs along. That really *is* funny. "Okay, never mind, but really. Explain again why I can't--"

"How many ways do you want me to say no? Or rather, how many languages?"

"You're being such a hypocrite." Leaning an elbow on his knee, Clark watches Lex go through his dresser. "Look, why--"

"She's not worth your time." Grabbing his watch, a gift for his eighteenth birthday from Martha, Lex turns around. "And why this sudden interest in sex anyway? Last year at this time you were still trying to get over your footie pajamas phase."

The smile's fast and dark, and Lex looks away quickly, busying himself searching through his drawer. "Wonder why that would be." Lex resigns himself to more cold showers in the future. "I met a girl."

"You meet a lot of girls. They fall at your feet everywhere you go." Clark's disturbingly close to looking far too old for his age. The faintest traces of baby fat are vanishing from the line of his jaw by the day, green eyes sharpening, narrowing more and more often in thought. Stunningly beautiful boy, Lex thinks, and then pushes the thought away. Also a dangerous boy, even if no one except Lex really knows just how much.

Clark drops lithely onto his stomach, stretching out on Lex's bed, head resting on folded arms. "You've got to change sheets. These still smell like her, and you know Mom will kill you if she finds out that you're having sex in the house. Bad precedent. And you're not interested in the name?"

Sighing, Lex gives up. Clark, playful and stubborn at once, is impossible to resist this early in the morning. Lex wonders why he even bothers to try. "What's her name?"

"Lana. Lang. Kent."

Lex almost drops his watch. "Kent? As in--"

"Yep. The one with the crush and the interesting family history." Clark looks unbelievably smug now, and Lex snickers, crossing back to the bed and moving too-long limbs out of his way to sit down, resting a hand casually on one jean-clad calf. The shift of muscle beneath is soothing, somehow. "We have a date on Friday. Hence, experience would be good here."

"You're not going to get to fuck her on the first date," Lex answers, shaking his head with a grin. "God, you've been around my friends too much."

Clark rolls on his back, grinning up at Lex. He's a huge puppy, Lex sometimes thinks, and shifts his legs onto the bed, bracing an arm behind him. "I know *that*. On both counts." Sitting up, Clark reaches for the watch and fastens it around Lex's wrist. "But. I need to be ready."

Catching the green eyes, Lex nods slowly. "Yeah. So why again do you want Stacey?"

"Because you've stayed with her the longest and that means, I guess, that she's pretty good. And that she's reasonably safe and discreet." That's a good point. Clark sighs softly and shifts closer. "Come on, Lex. She won't care. She likes me. And it's not like it bothers you."

"That's not why I'm objecting." Not exactly, anyway. Extending a wrist, Lex hands over the cufflinks. He has a presentation to work on today and Martha and Lionel both insist on the perfect image. Brilliant student, overachieving scholar, the ideal youth of America, not a scandal or misstep. Perception, Martha says, is everything. It will make things simple for them later. "It's just--"


How to explain. "Clark, she's just--you can do better."

The green eyes meet Lex's. "I could. Unfortunately, you said sixteen. I don't want to wait that long." Dark lashes sweep down, hiding the green eyes. "You were, what, fourteen?"

"You'd know." It's hard to argue logic. And Stacey's good for this. Lex likes her, and she'll make Clark's first time easy and fun, and more importantly, if anything odd happens, she won't tell. Or she can be taken care of. "Right. Okay, I'll talk to Stacey. Unless you already did."

Clark is very careful in setting the cufflinks. "I might have mentioned something."

"I feel like a pimp."

Clark snickers as Lex extends his other wrist, fixing the cufflink quickly, then slips down behind him, warm, strong arms encircling his waist, chin against his shoulder. "I said all three of us, by the way. She's totally up for it."

This is *Stacey*. Of course she is. She'd be up for bestiality under the right circumstances. Lex turns enough to catch Clark watching him, trying not to smile. "You're pushing."

"I'm a Luthor. It's what I do best." Warm lips settle just below his ear, and Lex shivers at the trace of a soft tongue. "I want you--there. It's important to me."

Closing his eyes, Lex nods, letting Clark touch at his leisure, skimming fingertips that make him catch his breath. It doesn’t count, not really, even when he turns his head just enough for Clark to kiss him. Perfect, warm and sweet, Clark, who can make a kiss more intimate that a fuck.

"Besides, Mom says we're supposed to share everything," Clark murmurs, nosing the open collar of Lex's shirt aside. "Remember? It's a fraternal thing."

"I won't even start explaining the wrongness of that statement in relation to what we've been discussing. Not to mention what your mother would say if she heard you using it right now." Reaching up, Lex threads his fingers through soft, thick hair, taking a slow breath. "Tell me about the Kent girl."

Clark snickers. "Pretty. Really really pretty. Smart. Kind of morbid about her birth parents if the subject comes up, which trust me, it does. A lot. She's got a huge crush on me. She hangs out with Gabe Sullivan's kid at school, Chloe. Really close."

Oh damn. Lex laughs softly. "That's too perfect. Did you tell Martha?"

Deft hands pull Lex's shirt free of his pants, fingers sliding underneath and Lex relaxes back into Clark with the slow, curious touches. "That I was seeing her? Not yet. I thought. Just you and me. We'd handle this ourselves."

Lex snickers softly, catching on a gasp when Clark bites down. "You have a plan?"

"Oh yeah." Clark edges back, and Lex lets himself be reclined on the bed. An enthusiastic weight of pretty boy drops on top of him with a flashing grin, and Lex breathes through the feeling as Clark settles over him. "A cool plan. Totally. You should stay home today. Skip class. Entertain me since I was suspended for the day. You know how bored I get with nothing to do."

Lex raises an eyebrow. These are the things he misses when he's in the lab too late every night. "Suspended for what?"

"Possession of narcotics on school grounds." Clark shrugs, bracing a big hand beside Lex's head. "Don't lecture."

"I'm sure Dad and Martha already did it for me, but I'm going to ask, why, especially considering you could drink battery acid and not even get a stomachache? Or do the words 'public image' no longer make sense to you?"

"Part of the plan." Lowering himself on his elbows, Clark licks a slow line up Lex's jaw. "To the parents, smart, ideal kid and all that stuff, to the other kids, rumors and dangerous reputation. You know how it works. Mom got the charges dismissed by the judge and Dad's having the principal over for dinner tomorrow. It'll be just rumor. No one even knows why I was suspended." Clark grins. "Remember what Dad said? If it doesn't make the papers, it never happened."

This is when having a police officer *and* a reporter on Dad's payroll comes in so damn handy. Not to mention a judge with a gambling problem.

"The principal has good self-preservation instincts. And probably an interesting past, if I know Dad. You should still be careful." Clark's always so warm. Lex slides his arms around the slim body, digging his fingers into Clark's back with the next slow kiss. He loves how Clark tastes, how he fits so perfectly that Lex could lose himself just doing this. Has, in fact, for hours. "What else?"

"I met Nell the other day when I dropped Lana off." Sitting back up, Clark's fingers start working on the buttons of Lex's shirt. He looks at Lex from underneath his lashes. "I remember her. Not like most of the others."

"You were a baby then," Lex murmurs, feeling Clark shiver, head dropping, wings of dark hair hiding his face. It makes Lex hurt and hate at the same time, faint images of the little boy he'd first met, curled up in a too-bright room because he was terrified of the dark.

"I remember the other--thing." Clark pauses. "And I remember *him*."

Lex bites down on his lip, running through a few dozen calculus equations before stroking slowly down Clark's back. Tense in the wrong way now. "I know." Bracing a foot on the mattress, Lex rolls them over on their sides, reaching for Clark's face. Smooth golden skin, the faintest hint of adult stubble. Jesus, he's growing up. "But your mom fixed everything, and even left this one for you."

"She might not like it."

No, Lex knows she wouldn't like it at *all*, but she probably wouldn't stop them either. Besides, she won't find out until they're done. Long range planning has its benefits. She won't notice if they're careful. "It doesn't matter. This is for you, okay? And you're right, I'm skipping class."

"You're graduating this year, right?" Clark's hand closes gently over Lex's hip, lining them up, and they breathe out together in surprise at the feeling. This they haven't done before.

"Summa cum laude, top of my class," Lex whispers, eyes closing, concentrating on Clark, rubbing awkwardly against him, learning as he goges. He can hear Clark's breathing catch quick and soft in his throat, hand tightening, and Lex leans in for another kiss. "MIT next year if Martha and Dad agree." He knows Clark's going to absolutely hate that, and frankly, he's not exactly thrilled himself. Safer though, at least for now, for both of them. "God, Clark--"

"I'm going to miss you." Clark's mouth is buried in his shoulder, seeking skin with sharp teeth. "This--this doesn't count, right? Before sixteen?" The fine line between hope and desperation is painfully clear in his voice, and Lex can't imagine refusing Clark anything at all when he sounds like that.

It feels too good to care, and it's not anything really, just this. Sliding his hand to the small of Clark's back, beneath the loose t-shirt, he strokes silky skin and pulls them more tightly together, leaning down enough to brush a kiss against a damp temple. Clark look up, green eyes dilated, an amazed expression on his face. Lex couldn't stop now even if he wanted to. "No. No, it doesn't."
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