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Okay, this is just odd. For that fic that I'm working on, spellcheck refuses to work. Here's the error.

Word cannot find the spelling file MSSpell3.dll or mssp232.dll for .

The plot thickens, though.

It *does* work for everything else. Well, every random file I've opened. I can spellcheck pretty much everything *but* this document. And copy/pasting to a new document does *not* trick it. Stupid Word. This is the 2002 edition, that I've hated since I started using it. I'm going to get my old version and install it. It also did HTML conversions, while this one converts to--what the hell *is* that anyway? XML?

I don't have *time* to half-learn another language, dammit.

Anyone have a theory, toss it out. I'm using my email to spellcheck, which is *damned* annoying, since I hand correct every time I find an error, and that takes a while. And I'm not convinced it is using my custom dictionary settings, though it could be and I'm just really doing a number on the words.

LJ Life

bonibaru is keeping up on LJ Pointless Poll Day. Seriously, that's a lot of polls. I mean, a lot of polls.


London is writing again. This is where I bliss out.

Easing Down Hard, which follows Playing With Knives, which follows the other three, and they all kick ass and make me happy.
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