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Training started with the usual inspiring speech. Which I knew, kind of, like what to expect and good works and team effort and blah blah blah. Also, my trainer grinned and told me to forgive her if she called me by my mom's name.

Huh. Now isn't that a shock.

"Oh?" I said.

"We were together at regional."

Of course they were. Half the damned agency has either worked with my mom, worked near my mom, my mom fixed something for them, or just know her by her Reputation.

So. You know, it's become pretty much normal to walk down a hall here and someone matches my face to her and asks how she is. We look a lot alike. Frankly, it's kind of fun. I never run out of conversational topics. And trust me, you can only get so much scintillating conversational gambits out of policy changes and the lack of office supplies.

I have Acid running for the tenth day straight. I don't think anyone can walk out of this song and think of happy fic. Just sayin', if a character dies, it's not my fault.

Ways to Waste Time

I decided to do something that is actually the most useless thing ever, but strangely fun. Using friendsfriends, I started hitting user profiles, not looking at interests, and see if I could spot their fandom of choice by their friending choices. I had to limit myself to fandoms I'm vaguely familiar with, though sometimes, really, you can sort of Spot the Fandom just on the strength of people I *don't* know but remember hearing about.

QaF, for me, is the most obvious. There just *aren't* that many of us, and we tend to friend as many as we can in some kind of show of solidarity. You run across josselin, soundczech and myrna_1_2_3 on a single list, it's kind of a dead giveaway.

Smallville is a close second with predictions, with about ten to fifteen that are common to almost every friends list. The markers are various combination of some of these, amongst others: latxcvi, thamiris, lexcorp_hope, pearlo, basingstoke, tstar78, rhiannonhero, scribblinlenorecelli, cjandre, rageprufrock, slodwick, and nerodi. This is *not* a complete list. This is my fingers not wanting to type A LOT of names that show up regularly on the profiles of a hell of a lot of journals. These are the ones I remember off the very top of my head. I love every SV writer, I swear. All of you. Except the ones that wrote that fic that scarred me for life and all. I just like you.

But Lat, Hope, and Thamiris all on the same list is usually a Really Freaking Big Indicator this person is Smallville inclined.

thete1 is the eclectic edition chick. I have yet to find a pattern to people who friend her, other than Really Good Taste, of course. Same for musesfool. I think of them as Everyfangirl. In which they are friended across the board and make my life difficult by breaking my predictions. Grr.

There's a block of names, however, that show up in *groups*--it was something I didn't think was significant until I realized I was seeing the same few names on infos that had nothing to do with SV. I wish I'd written it down to think about, and I'm guessing, by my faint memory of people's LJs, that it's a subset of SV writers who went into OC and Everwood and those that discovered them there, but I'm not *dead* sure of that. Caro and Pearl-o and Slod showed up a lot in conjunction, but I think there were a few others.

HP reads like a laundry list of every person I've ever heard of, though a decent indicator is penelope_z, iscaris, olympia_m, and Cassie Claire, though right now, I can't remember how to spell her username and so won't go looking.

My accuracy is skewed toward anyone who showed up in friendsfriends, so there we go, this is a totally unscientific yet strangely fun game to play. So you get bored? Close your eyes, hit friendsfriends, and see if you, too, can Spot the Fandom!

You can tell orientation was boring today, can't you?
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