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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh qaf, how you have no freaking timelines....
children of dune - leto 1
So, thanks to our oh-so-very-wonderful-and-crap josselin, I finished the end of Stumble and Fall. This leaves a freaking load of *middle* to cover, but technically, I *did* it, dammit, and I am owed sequel and Joanie and good things, chica.

I so mean this.

A while back, I came to accept that I have no clue whatsoever about QaF timelines. They don't tell me, they don't even give me a decent *holiday*, pretty much all I have is Gus' birthday to work with as a start point and an election to end date for season three. God alone knows what kinds of liberties I have taken with timing. At this point, when I'm about thirty pages away from this thing being *finished*? I'm shockingly uncaring.

This is so frustrating I could *scream*.

Except that would be boring.

Pointless post brought to you by sugar/chocolate high of choclate chip chocolate cookie bars.

I want cheetos. I *need* cheetos. In the worst way.

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I adore your young writer of slash ICON. Cute,cute,cute.

Have started watching Season two of QaF today, the theme is playing in the back ground, lala. Yep, I do believe you have converted me to the temple of Brian and Justin love.

No cheetos, evil cheetos.

*g* Vee

*grins* Conversion is always welcome. *hee* They are so worshipible. And hot. And tend to have sex at the drop of a hat. Always welcome.

Katherine made that icon. I just adore it. *sighs happily*

Oh, time is a fickle, flexible fluid thing in Qaf-land...

In re-watching 308 Ben references Christmas yet unless it's a freaky election- *most* Mayoral elections take place in Nov so 314 could presumably be Nov and then throw in Mel being at the end of her first trimester- so 3 months after conception which was in 307? and if there was a month inbetween 307 & 308 per Daphne's talk with Justin- that means events of 308-314 progressed over 2 months...ouch, my brain is starting to hurt...

Re: Oh, time is a fickle, flexible fluid thing in Qaf-land...

My head hurts too.

*sniffles and tries to comprehend*

Re: Oh, time is a fickle, flexible fluid thing in Qaf-land...

I *think* having now slept on it with a nap- that the time trick- is while it's a year inbetween start of 1x01 and 2x02, it's not a year inbetween 2x02 and 3x02/3. 3x01 picks up directly after (albeit with it's weird flashback structure) 2x22, but the total season can no longer be considered a full year.

In fact- it's during S3 when time gets most wonky- because the previous 'anniversaries' or 'birthdays' are no longer celebrated- we don't see Gus' 2nd birthday & therefore the anniversary of Brian & Justin meeting. Rather inexplicably- we don't again commemorate Brian's birthday- (and personally 31 was more traumatic than 30- hence why I celebrated 30 again) and with it a few days later the annivesary of the bashing. Justin & Ben's joint birthday doesn't come up again- although Brian references its approach in 310? or was it 311? Did anyone else ever get a birthday? S3 brings a 'new' anniversary for Mel & Linds- in order to serve plot of bringing everyone to their house & the 'punch'- since it couldn't be their Actual wedding anniversary. They have some 'contraint' challenges with new season since Mel is pregnant- but nothing is tied to an actualy calendar.

Ok, brain is back to hurting again.

Timelines are not pertinent. Are you giving my Justin a happy ending? That is pertinent.

::has priorities::

Don't say Cheetos. You'll have me craving them, and that would be a really bad thing right now.

*curious* You know what I consider a happy ending. What do you think?


Dude, if there's branding, I'm so there. *G*

Stumble and Fall

I am very happy to hear that. Congratulations.

It hates me. *whimpers* It. Hates. Me.

It doesn't hate you. Stop whining. Brian names the baby Dick, what more could you want?

Not really related to your post, except that I agree with you about nebulous QAF timelines. I just friended you, for oh so many reasons. I found you first through Smallville, and now I'm also into QAF. You have such great posts, and I finally decided I needed to come out of lurkerdom and let you know. No real need to friend me back; I'm just using my journal to read and comment. Ciao!

Hey, it's altricial, I changed my LJ name yesterday... mind adding me back on this one? :D *plebe*

GURRRR!!! you mean *IT* gets born?? ::HUFF::
Ok, I guess i can live with that. Dose Daphne Die? Please, please, please tell me Daphne dies.
I want someone to die.

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