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oh qaf, how you have no freaking timelines....

So, thanks to our oh-so-very-wonderful-and-crap josselin, I finished the end of Stumble and Fall. This leaves a freaking load of *middle* to cover, but technically, I *did* it, dammit, and I am owed sequel and Joanie and good things, chica.

I so mean this.

A while back, I came to accept that I have no clue whatsoever about QaF timelines. They don't tell me, they don't even give me a decent *holiday*, pretty much all I have is Gus' birthday to work with as a start point and an election to end date for season three. God alone knows what kinds of liberties I have taken with timing. At this point, when I'm about thirty pages away from this thing being *finished*? I'm shockingly uncaring.

This is so frustrating I could *scream*.

Except that would be boring.

Pointless post brought to you by sugar/chocolate high of choclate chip chocolate cookie bars.

I want cheetos. I *need* cheetos. In the worst way.
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