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Because I whine a lot about the icky things and not the good ones. Because I may spend quality time getting gripey with my supervisor, but she is a good supervisor. Because honest to God, this came out of nowhere.

Recently, to save money and assure that no quality people ever apply for a job there, the state stopped doing yearly merit raises--raises based on performance. They were pretty common up until a couple of years ago. Instead, they instituted a series of strict restrictions and blah blah blah fuddlecakes. Two different options--one was to get a raise, the other a lump sum in varying amounts up a set maximum. And it's done by recommendation. And it's restricted. I'm making this clear, because when I got the invoice today, it took me a *very long time* to understand what it meant, because the first read made no *sense*.

But yes. My supervisor requested me to get it and I got the maximum lump sum and I was sitting at my desk, trying not to cry, because--I mean. Out of the freaking blue here. I have no idea what to do with it, to be honest. I mean, I can think of a thousand million things to do with it, but I want to do something useless and utterly frivilous, after buying Child about five pairs of new jeans, since His Highness grew out of every damn pair I've bought this year.

Yeah. I'm going to glow for a few more days. Weeks. Whatever. *grins*

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