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the thing regarding fox and weird email
children of dune - leto 1
Because seriously. Odd.

Earlyish last week, me and several other members and former members of the X-Men fandom and WRBeta list were sent a Really Bizarre Email purportedly from Fox, among the recipients girlinthetrilby, haremistressdd, tylergrrls (Diebin), misskatherine, and amezri. I originally posted it under friendslock.


There have been many slanderous remarks made about our employee Gina DeMarco authored by yourselves. We would appreciate in the future that you refrain from posting or making any reference to her in a public manner. She is an employee of 20th Century Fox Studios and we take these slanderous remarks seriously.

Also refrain from making any derogatory comments about Karen Boyer as she is an affiliate of Bad Hat Harry Productions, which is a part of 20th Century Fox.

Let it be known that refusal to comply with our request will not only result in closure of your websites but also a lawsuit against you for trademark infringement and slander. Fox traditionally appreciates its fans but will protect our employees from them as well.

I hope I have made myself clear.


Debra Meringa
Sr. Counsel
20th Century Fox Studios

You may recognize Gina DeMarco as the one who was acting very strangely in my LJ around Christmas this last year. She does this in a lot of places, to a lot of X-Men fen.

See threats for earlier instances of weird behavior.

A few of those who received this email contacted Fox.

Anyway, this response came to us today.

To All Concerned:

Please be advised that the e-mail that you received last week regarding Gina DeMarco and Karen Boyer was not authorized by Fox or anyone authorized to speak on behalf of Fox. The e-mail that was purportedly sent by Debra Meringa, Senior Counsel at Fox, was fraudulent and not authorized by Fox or Debra Meringa. Gina DeMarco and Karen Boyer are not employees of Fox, nor are they authorized to speak on behalf of Fox or any other Fox entity. Fox is currently investigating the situation and taking steps to prevent such illegal activity from occurring in the future. We have informed superherohype.com of the fraudulent nature of the postings purportedly made by Debra Meringa and have posted a message on the message board regarding this situation.

Please do not send any e-mails to Debra Meringa or attempt to contact her in any other manner. This e-mail account was used to send the e-mail message without the consent of Fox or Debra Meringa who has no connection to this situation.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to investigate this situation.

Erinn Whiteside
Executive Director, Human Resources
20th Century Fox

Devil Doll (http://www.wolverineandrogue.com) relates the following:

On February 17th, I spoke with the Executive Director of Human Resources at 20th Century Fox regarding this and similar threats made against fans by and for Gina and Karen.

I was told the above email is completely fraudulent and in no way authorized by anyone at Fox with the power to make such statements. In addition, I was told that Gina and Karen have absolutely no connection at all to 20th Century Fox, and any claims to the contrary, or claims of enjoying Fox's legal protection, are fraudulent.

If you have received any emails from Debra, Gina, or Karen claiming that you could be subject to legal action by 20th Century Fox, you can ignore any such statements. They are a misrepresentation of Fox, and are not to be taken seriously.

Fox is investigating this situation and is collecting information regarding these claims. If you have received any emails from Debra, Gina, or Karen implying that Gina and/or Karen are affiliated with or protected by 20th Century Fox in any way, please contact me and I will tell you who to contact at Fox. Fox asks that you not reply to the "Debra" email address.

This is obviously a very serious situation, and one that Fox is not taking lightly. Several members of the Super Hero Hype message boards received similar emails, and the owner of SHH is also cooperating fully with Fox. You can read his statement on the matter here:


I am hopeful that Fox's confirmation of the fraudulent nature of these threats will bring an end to this situation. I also hope that from here forward we will be allowed to enjoy fandom, rather than feeling harassed and threatened by a small number of people who appear to enjoy that sort of thing.

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How odd. *blinks*

I mean, really, really odd. This makes far more sense but... really? I just don't get the mentality behind it. I really, really don't. (Okay, yes, I need to stop using the word "really".)

*shakes head in confusion*

I don't get it. I don't get what in the world would convince people to go around pretending to be Fox. It's a huge company, and there's a surprising amount of fen who either have ties to hollywood and TV production, or who are, y'know, worldly, wise, confident people who are going to follow this thing up.

I mean... Good greif. We're fans, but there's generally a healthy respect (and mockery) of TPTB. You don't send people random emails *pretending* to be them. Hell, it's the entire reason why almost every site and fanfic has a nice, big, easy to read disclaimer.

I'm just still stuck at... *odd*. And, yes, it *does* make far more sense than Fox being insanely protective of a troll, but still...

*shakes head*

Yeah, I'm going back to thinking happy thoughts about Hot Gay Sex now.

Quite apart from the fact that Fox is ultimately owned by Rupert Murdoch. If you feel you must impersonate an employee of a powerful multinational corporation with its own in-house legal department, for Christ's sake don't pick a *Murdoch* multinational! It's called self-preservation, people.

They've been pulling stuff like this, especially to haremistressdd since she took over the WRFA and WRBeta and girlinthetrilby just for the hell of it--trolling, stalking, flaming, bitchery onlist, private email, sockpuppets, what have you.

The part that makes me just go, huh? This started in April of 2001.

The part that makes me just go, huh? This started in April of 2001.

Oh, bloody hell. That is beyond ridiculous.

I mean, really. I generally give trolls the benefit of the doubt, and mentally think of them as *really* (yes, I'm using that favourite word again! *g*) annoying 13-15 year olds, and assume that give them a couple of years, and they'll grow out of the hormones and self-obsession, and they'll either become responsible fans, or leave fandom.

But three years? Bloody hell.

(Deleted comment)
I'm making notes *right now* never to doubt you. *nod* Big notes.

I can't say that I am surprised.

The fact that this has been going on since 2004 just means that Fans in general are very tolerant and many, like you, probably laughed it off - which is a good thing, because nine time out of ten trolls DO grow up and go away. The psychotic ones though...

Well, Fox can have at them now.



I was just commenting on this situation on Victoria's LJ last night. I can't believe that people can hold a grudge against others for almost three years and that's after a good number of them have left the fandom for ages.

For months after I left the xmen fandom, I lived in fear that Karen and her cronies would pop up in other fandoms that I had joined. To this day, seeing a poster with the name Karen still gives me pause.

I'm not sure if you remember, Jenn, but I am Colleen from back in the xmen days. I have very fond memories of chatting with you and others back then. It's nice to see such familar faces from the past, as I have always considered you friends, even though we moved on to different fandoms.


Wow. Legal bitchslap. Niiiiiiiiice. Glad y'all followed up. :)

The irony is killing me. She threated with legal action against you guys, and I guess now Fox will have her by the proverbial balls.

If you want to be an ass, at least be a clever ass.


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