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You know, I hate Dr. Laura.

Yes, you know who I am talking about here. Radioshow, morals, blah blah blah. Years ago, I went through this phase of agreeing with everything she said. Then I went through a phase of sometimes agreeing, and also thinking, wow, the people who call her are *idiots*, because they asked the most asinine questions in the history of mankind. How do these people figure out how to tie their own shoes without asking the moral way to do it?


But anyway, cut for those who like her, because I have discovered I really, really have come to just--urgh. Beyond creeped out.

It's not that I entirely disagreed with today's segment, in which a woman calls in to say she's not in the mood for sex these days, but her husband is, and what should she do? My first instinct was to say, buy him porn and introduce him to the internet while feeling like this, and maybe read it wiht him to see if that helps the libido issue any. Dr Laura's was, fuck him anyway. Or you know, whatever pleases him.

Hmm. I'm torn. Not being married myself, I have no obligation to have sex with anyone. If I were to marry, I'd expect that there still would be no actual obligation to fuck. Then again, I've never been in a relationship that was so long that sex wasn't in the top five list either. TMI there, but context.

It's not that I--hmm. Disagreed. It's that the way she put it. Because that's how you keep a man and it's your duty, and when the hell did it become anyone's duty to fuck on demand? That just hit me all the wrong ways. For a few thousand years, women had no right to say no for sex, for marriage, for childbearing, for their own life or death, and it just--for a second there, just listening, I felt vaguely sick in remembering that when my grandmother was a child, women didn't have any of what I pretty much take for granted. Even the implication that sex was something you *had* to do, whether you want to or not, just do it for *him* because that's your *duty*....

I suppose it doesn't help I was reading about the sex trade of children in Thailand and Cambodia a few hours earlier.

You know, if she'd phrased it differently, I might have reacted a little less like someone was asking me to prostitute myself, but--eww.

Yes, I overreact splendidly sometimes.

In other news, yes, still pointing and laughing. And is LJ doing something weird to anyone else with friendslocked entries?

And I use the word 'random' a lot in my subject headers. This could be a quirk. I've always wanted to have a decent quirk, but I'm not sure this is the one I would have chosen.
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