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Places to Go, Things to Read

Raijahn fulfills a challenge, sort of, in fictional nonfiction. It's intersting. You should read it.

And also theorizes on Chloe's birthday here. The girl does her research.

I *had* fic recs saved and now I can't find them. I have a bad feeling that shutting down last night while half-asleep is going to lead to some very, very scary lookings for that Justinfic I started.

Stupid sleepiness.



A long time ago, there was this chick who ran one of the lists I was on and was usually pretty freaking dour. Then, boom. One day, she was all perky and uplifted and excited about everything for like, days, and it was--well. Creepy. Not in a bad way, just in a 'aren't you supposed to be snapping at people for no reason' way, and she talked about finding Oz the way other people talk about finding personal salvation. It took me about three months to figure out exactly what she meant.

Does everyone get that when they stumble violently across another fandom that they just click with? I remember my utter joy in finding into X-Men, the near-ecstacy of Smallville, literally falling across QaF panting, and well. You know, I assumed everyoe got all emotional, but. Now I just wonder if I'm weird.
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