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recs and other updates


Because McAfee hates me a lot, I can't use WS_FTP, which means I put off anything resembling updates these days. It takes for-freaking-*ever* to use the web interface. But I am brave, so I soldiered on. For three and a half hours.

*sighs* Anyway.

Added recs for SV and QaF--as many as I could get off my list before being unable to see the screen. Eyes hurt. Ouch. Thanks to Impish Eyes, where I gleefully stole links if I could find them in place of the livejournal links I was using. I'm evil like that. Next up--correct the livejournal links I have already in there. When I can *see*.

Added covers by goss, tstar78 and laurab1, and I have no idea how I didn't do that before, but I think the entire avoidance thing may have been instrumental in that. Um, corrected for names, and yes, I spelled it *right*, Josselin, there was only one wrong. If I missed anything, email or leave a comment and I'll fix it tomorrow. Still trying to figure out how to imagemap without an imagemap program anymore. This is stressfulish.

Um. That's it? Mostly. I'm currently staring at my Remix Challenge author in shock. Just. Um. Whoa. I'm intimidated as *hell*.

That's all. I shall go be intimidated on reformatting some of my older stories. The ones from that redesign I did two years ago. That I never got around to fixing. Does anyone know what I was *thinking* with that entire light grey on black motif? I gotta know. It hurts my head to *look* at.

I'm beginning to wonder why on earth I still do this by hand. I mean, besides the masochism factor and all.

And my friendslist is *so* amusing tonight, and for that matter, last night. You people rock.

*generally pleased, less grumpy*
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