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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I am trying not to *swoon* in shock here.

Dark Chocolate Kisses by veredus OMG. It's hot and has chocolate and has Justin and man, I get lucky on my birthday! *glows* Delicious. Every bite.

And then--okay, totally shocking and so good it hurts--taraljc wrote some absolutely *beautiful* Clark/Lex.

No, I'm not kidding, she wrote CLARK/LEX.

Svaha -- I always forget how *good* first times are. And no, not first-time sex--that first kiss. All that surprise and worry and awkward sweetness and wonder. I mean--wow. You have to *read* this. Now.


Double goodfic hit. I am *so* high.

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First off, Happy Birthday before it's too late. I haven't been on much today and almost missed it. I hope you had a great day filled with pretty boys and good friends. :)

The Clex story must be a protected post, you get an error message when you click on the link. Maybe she's post it to ssa at some point, it sounds wonderful.

whooops... I friendslocked it. lemme go fix that.

Sounds like a wonderful birthday :) *hugs*

Oh my god, I am an *idiot*! Stupid eleven hours of class today distract me from the *important* things in life. Like Jenn birthdays!

*triple extra special hugs* I realize I am ten minutes late my time (and, uh, two hours your time), but my birthday wishes are no less profound for it. I hope it was excellent, my darling.

Happy Birthday Jenn, wish you all the best, lots of free and fun time!! (and quality time while relaxing with stone cows ;-)!!!)
Thanks for the rec!! Really great stuff that Tara wrote.

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