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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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quick rec on author commentary
children of dune - leto 1
Not a fic, so much as an author's extended commentary.

Sarah T talks about Immanence

It's an absolutely gorgeous story, one of the best in the SV fandom, and Sarah T explores what she wrote and what she meant by writing what she wrote, and no, I don't explain things well. It's a great look into her mindset while writing, and highly recommended for mulling.

Hmm. Any other authors doing this with their fic in SV? I kind of want to see if anyone else is analyzing themselves this well.

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I keep hearing about this meme, but haven't run across it much, to my disappointment. I rather like that kind of thing. I've thought about doing it myself, but you know what my schedule's like. Though opening up a couple of scenes might be fun. Not that I have that many stories to choose from. (Unlike you, my dear girl.)

Thank you for sending me that file, btw! I've been too exhausted the last few days to respond to e-mail.

*hugs hard* You deserve rest and relaxation and poolboys. And if I can ever get my ass to teh post office when it's *open*, tea. God, I hate my overtime right now.

But. *pokes* You should. Consdier this my official invitation to tell us about the Making of One of Your Stories. But only when you've eaten, rested, and perhaps, have had time to breathe. I mean, real breathing, not that panting-and-running between places you do.


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