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Grrr. Trying again.

Tis so the season for merriment. Really. Even if LJ is working against me.

So. Hmm.

First off, recs, because I cheered myself with chocolate coffee and goodfic this morning. It was indeed marvelous stuff, liken unto seeing rainbows in the sky and kittens frolicking, or imagining Lex naked, being smeared with whipped cream.

Hmm. That comparison got away from me a bit.

Lost by corinna_5. Sweet and aching and beautifully Lex. I just loved reading this. My schmoop o'meter is in ecstacy.

I Will Be Your Dixie Chick by joyfulgirl41. Okay, choking on first mouthful of coffee? You'd think that'd be unpleasant, but so worth it. I love it. It's GOT to be the Smallville water. Don't you think? Hee! Just great!

Snowfight by edie. *hee* More happy schmoop! Adorable, light, fluffy, and hot. Oh yes. Loving it.

It Came Just the Same by lanning She rocks my world. Another in the wonderful, breathtaking Identity universe, schmoop to a degree I am utterly replete with good cheer, and this is fabulous. I'm in total adoration. Set before "Common Ground", Lex is Grinchy and Clark lets him be. The utter perfection of this moment cannot possibly be overstated.

A sampling.

"I'm serious, Clark." Lex bent over the book, examining the text. "The author is obviously a master of subtlety and inference. He's attempting to challenge cultural taboos and undermine established societal values without drawing the fire of the cultural elite."

"Dr. Seuss?"

"Are you sure this is a children's book?"

*grins* Oh yeah. Read it now.

No Uncommon Sentiment by buggery. Right. Nooo subtext there. Not deliberate, no. *grins* The Luthor boys are doing the very serious business of holiday recreating. Somehow, Jack, I'm not believing you. *g*


Christmas Filk by ranalore, oh my GOD. You are BRILLIANT. I am saving this for the next time I'm moody. FABULOUS!

*happy* I'm awash with good feelings.

In other news.

I feel like an adultress cheating on my diary. No, really. Just opening it gives me guilt. It's--okay, really weird. I admit it. Grr.

On Human!Clark.

I'm going to try and answer comments before I leave for the Second Great Family Gathering of Dread, but I wanted to get out a quick thanks to everyone who has commented on Human!Clarkfic so far in case I don't have time before later tonight or whenever we get back. I'd forgotten, I suppose, how much fun I have just writing serially because it makes people happy, and I'm absolutely thrilled that everyone is enjoying reading as much as I'm enjoying writing (that is an egrerious amount of ings, don't you think?), because trust me, I'm loving every second.

And hugs to linabean and ranalore for title suggestions. I'm mulling them in a list on my harddrive with great seriousness and attention. With cookies.


LJ does not like how long this entry is. So, check next entry.

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