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Whee! jcalanthe sent me the QaFUK tapes! I am staring at it longingly. See, I remember how I had to wait for the QaFUS until a weekend, and I remember thinking, I wonder what this will be like, and then, it was like, falling in love, but better, because tapes can't break up with you. They can *break*, but not break *up*. Ah, fine differences.

Anyway, I'm squeeing. I'm so easy to make happy, it's just pitiful.

*loves jcalanthe* Thank you *so* very much.



Being moody has certain happy traits, not least of which is that even hearing blisteringly bad news, I can carry on with an unbowed head and a bag of mint chocolate Hershey's kisses. The chick I was talking about yesterday who was trying to get a new job? Got the damn job.

I'm happy for her. I *am*. I'm thrilled that she got it. And with her and the other chick going, that is me and another Very Damn New Girl (TWO MONTHS) at the front desk, to panic quietly together in horror.

Oh my God, I'm the most senior of the front desk people.

I am, like, supposed to *know* stuff now.

*breathes into bag*

The funny thing is, right now, they are amazingly desperate for clerical staff. We don't have a long lifespan, you see, as after six months, most of us get better jobs in the agency. Well, not me, because I'm the idiot waiting for the One True Job. There was a clerical exam early this month. And--wait for this one--another one next week. When they usually have them once, maybe twice a *year*.

So far as I know, that hasn't happened since--well. Ever. Twice in one month. That is called The Scent of Desperation.

So you know, if you're in Austin (is anyone on my friendslist in Austin anymore?) they are hiring. Pay sucks, long hours, and you will meet the most frightening people in the world. But the chairs are great. I mean, I love my chair.

I can't believe I'm sitting here doing this. But. If you get to work with me, then one, you probably won't know it until two, I start throwing Hershey's kisses when I'm bored.

Wow, the very thought of that is enough to make most people avoid applying. *Grins* I just have that effect on people.

Oh, and that other chick got fired, so at the end of this month, we will have lost three clerks and three advisors. I don't think wars have this many casualities so fast.


Lots of 'em. Love them all.

Orgy by josselin Brian and Justin and Michael and Ben. It's hot as hell. And--yeah. You should read it.

gradiva continues her saga Growing Up. It's a gorgeous look at Justin in present and future, beautifully written, and very, very true. Love the locks best, though. That just worked for me.

And shayllla

There is no excuse not to read her. I mean, none. Her richly textured, beautifully characterized, flawlessly plotted stories are exactly what fanfic ought to be and so rarely is. Also, I overuse adjectives, but don't hold that against her.

Worth the Fight

It's the future, and it's Brian and Justin and it's how they've changed and how they haven't. I wish I could do better, but this one needs to be read without a single preconception in the mix. But it's beautiful. It's well paced, it's sweet and bitter and happy and sad, and I loved every second of reading it and mourned its end. You will too.

Fellatio Quintet by Eliza. Okay, the title alone should just suck you in, but okay, maybe you need convincing. It's a lot of sex. And it's about sex, except it's really not. Justin is growing up, and the story follows it. And no one, no one ever say again that sex can't develop character, because this story? Proves that totally wrong.

And to think, right now, you could be reading this.

Memes and Fiction

I was reading on that "summarize your fic as a DVD" and realized, actually, mine would be more like a fortune cookie, in which you always add the phrase "and they had sex". Okay, not always--penises avoided molestation a few times, but I tend to think that was an oversight on my part.

I indulged my low brow reading tastes and bought up on Stephen King and the Anita Blake series. Also, anyone in the Round Rock area, Half-Price Books had a season of Farscape DVDs on sale. Unfortunately, I only saw them in passing while in line, and bitterly wish I'd stopped to buy them, because well. Half Priced. Books. And DVDs. That's a good thing.

I will admit it. I like the Anita books.

Yes, she's a Mary Sue. She is like, the Mary Sue that other Mary Sues envy and write mean stories about. I don't care. She carries heavy duty weaponry and shoots things on sight, and it's hard for me not to love someone with a mini Uzi. I fell back in love with her this weekend and just decided, to hell with it, I shall indulge myself and wallow. So I bought more of the books and plan to re-read the entire series start to finish. She is pretty and armed and has hot preternatural creatures falling all over her, and sometimes, not to kill her, so hell, my fantasy life could use a little of this.

I need more vampire books in my life. I shall go shopping for them soon.

Last week I started re-reading the dragon books by Melanie Rawn. Surprisingly, while I still love them, I realized I really hate Pol. And not in a oh, I hate him, how hot way, but a wow, why doesn't Andry just start him on Fire way. He really annoys me. He was fun up until he grew up, and by book three of the first trilogy, I just wnated to drown him and Meiglan in shallow water.

*sighs* I personalize too much. Also, I've been revisiting my books in a big way.

Hmm. Also read A Farewell to Arms. No offense to classic lovers. This is like better than Ambien to put me to sleep. Gorgeous prose. That chick said darling one more time, I would have garrotted her. Gah.

Glanced at Thomas Covenant and decided that I was suffering enough and didn't need to make myself suffer more by re-reading. Drowned in Patricia Wrede, who always knows how to make me happy. *bliss* Mairelon the Magician rocks. When I send gifts of books, I always try to send that one. Light, fun fantasy romp. Just so cool.

One of the odd things I noticed about my non-fiction is that I buy books on speculation that at some point, I may become interested, or may find something in them I need to know. A Distant Mirror by Barbara W Tuchman, which follows a single noble French family for a couple of generations, is remarkably good in its detail and coverage of the fourteenth centry. The Book of the Courtier by Baldesar Castiglione could not be more boring if it tried, but it's good for detail. I read it once when I bought it years ago, and maybe if I'd remembered it, I would have been using it for my sleep problems. The Age of Chivalry, interesting reading during my medieval is soooo cool phase, and Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Cataline, which is there and I'm sure I had a reason to buy it, but for the life of me, I don't remember why.

I buy books on speculation that someday, they *might* interest me. That's just weird.
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