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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Vid Recs

I'm still working my way through my massive download the other weekend. Which is reminding me of the joy of subtextual onetrueluv. *sighs* Then altricial, who really *is* like this vid dealer, starts writing in capitals.

Now capitals mean READ RIGHT NOW.

And she said WATCH THIS. But in a much longer way.

So I did.

Stay, B/J. This is a link to the LJ, since direct linking seems rude and well, she needs feedback for this AMAZING WONDERFUL JUSTIN VID by kitkatbyte.

See? Capitals. Totally catch the eye.

Beautiful look at Justin, all in love, and Brian being--well. Brian. It hurts. And chasing it with sisabet's 66 helps. A little.

And darlulu, psychically intuiting everyone's desperation for even *more* good vids, released Paperbag, which is all fast and liquid and Brian. And good.

It's raining vids. I am drenched with happy QaFdom. I will wallow, since my last look at my bank account shows that I need to wallow in something.

This would probably be a *really* good time for me to find out I'm actually the daughter of a millionaire who just died without heirs. *sighs*

But I have double VCRs and that means copying tapes. And people who have been threatened with copies of first season QaF need to start to be afraid as soon as I get some blank tapes. Oh yes.

I'm all for pointless entries these days. I had this weird idea of talking about reader intepretation and so forth, but eh. Also, I'm behind in email and answering comments. My apologies on that.

Oohkay, and jcalanthe just reminded me I hadn't answered. *grins* It's like karma, except probably not very much.

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*hugs Justin* He's a woobie. Wrong fandom, but right word. Woobie.

This has nothing to do with B/J.... as great as they are!

Hi. You don't know me, of course, but I had to speak up. I've been reading your lovely Smallville fanfiction for a while now, thanks to svmadelyn's recs over at crack_van. And all the while, as I've been reading Clex fanfiction by both you and others, I've been sending feedback right and left. But I haven't done so for you.

I guess I was just sort of intimidated, as silly as that sounds. You are one of the best writers I have ever read. Period. And I'm not just talking in the fanfic world. I mean everywhere. Your stuff is better than at least 9/10 of the published fiction out there. And I just felt so... in awe, I guess? And so I kept putting off the feedback because I just couldn't seem to find the words I wanted to tell you how much I loved your work. Nothing seemed good enough, somehow.

Well, I finally sat down and told myself that I was being a moron. It didn't matter if I was eloquent or not, it just mattered that I let somebody who has touched my life in a positive way through their writing know how thankful I was for their time, their work and their vision.

So here I am, to let you know that you have a real gift. And I'm just so very happy to have been able to read your work. Please keep writing, because I know that I'll keep reading.

Okay, signing off for now.

Re: This has nothing to do with B/J.... as great as they are!

Oh, forgot to add, I friended your journal a while back in order to keep up with any fic updates. I hope that's okay. :)

Re: This has nothing to do with B/J.... as great as they are!


I'm so bad about being able to respond gracefully, but thank you so much. I have just had the weirdest damn week, even though it felt normal enough on the surface, so--yeah. Reading this just made me blush adn kind of stammer. I'm thrilled you enjoyed my SV stories. SV's incredibly rich in really great writing, so. *grins* It's cool you like mine. Glowyness and all.

Thank you very much for writing in and telling me. *hugs*

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