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chocolate is good

veredus sent me chocolate! Whee! CHOCOLATE! GOOD CHOCOLATE!

*does the dance of chocolate joy*

Sooo good. So very, very damn *good*.

*hugs veredus*

They say knowledge is never wasted, but I don't think that's entirely true. Today, covered Q Fever, Mad Cow Disease, and Typhoid at the CDC website. I know just enough to be suspicious of my allergies and start to panic if it feels like my throat will become sore. Because, I kid you not, like every disease that doesn't kill you in five seconds flat looks *just* like the flu in the first stages. Well, okay, that's an exaggeration, but you know, when you're on your fifth or six sympton list and see 'flu-like symptoms' being an indicator, it does make you look at those sniffling around you and wonder whether to break out the biohazard gear.

I basically know just barely enough to scare myself and quote it at people randomly. Case in point.

Jenn: Did you know there are four kinds of smallpox?
Supervisor: Huh.
Jenn: One of them is very rare.
Supervisor: Really?
Jenn: You ever worry about getting smallpox in a biowar?
Supervisor: I need to give you something to do.

So she did.

This is reason one million, five hundred thousand five sixteen that I would have made a Very Bad Medical Student. Diagnosing myself with ebola after sitting on a public toilet seat. Becoming an antibiotic junkie. Living in a biohazard suit. Keeping my bedroom relatively free of drifts of clothes for fear of obscure, cotton-loving bacteria. Sometimes, I think of all the things that could have gone wrong in my life that could have ended with me in a biohazard suit spraying frantically at imaginary germs and just thank God I'm here today without one.

It's really the little things in life that make it worth living, you know?

The sleep thing has been creeping up again--not in a bad way, but in a vaguely creepy, horror-novels-start-like-this way. Falling asleep doesn't happen until I'm literally exhausted, OR until I get inside a moving vehicle. Sleep is like--lights out, then lights in, with me being vaguely aware at some point there was unconsciousness, but no real idea of how or why. Then I'm awake with just enough tiredness to be grumpy and stare at everyone balefully and think reading the CDC is just great fun.

I'd like to just be able to fall asleep normally. I'd also like to win the lottery, but amazingly, that's not happening either. Possibly because I don't buy lottery tickets. I lead a difficult life.

Pointless, annoyed, tired but awake entry brought to you by me, who is all of those, and also, bitter against josselin for not posting new fic today. She has all kinds of bizarre excuses, none of which hold water. "I have a hurt leg!" "I'm not inspired!" "The moon is in the wrong quadrant!" "The grass is too green!" "Look, an anvil just fell on Michael's head!"
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