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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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random bits of here and there
children of dune - leto 1
Went to housewarming. Was interesting. Liked the house. Went to clubs. Very interesting. Cute Swedish guy hit on me. Also nice. Left becuase tired. I am becomign Very Boring.


Two things. Both are kind of insane, because I am *bored*.


Jenn and Beth Play In Austin, post-vacation afternoon.

The one taping is girlinthetrilby, who maliciously and deliberately chose to tape THE ONE TIME I could not jump the cow. The brunette is Nezsa, who laughed heartlessly. The one who is trying to jump is me. I usually get it right easily, but the ground was plotting against me. It *was*. But I like the stone cows. There is a herd of them there, and they always cheer me up.

One day, I'm going to figure out how to make these damn pictures get online, because those killer seagulls are something else to see.

And--lets say one wanted to go to a convention. Say, MediaWest. And one has never been to anything close to one. Any advice? Just theoretically and all. As one might have the social skills of a hermit crab.

Qhich by the way are *still alive*. How I hvae no idea. ROCKS, I tell you, with claws.

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hee! You're so cute. And I firmly believe it was the ground. Bad ground!

Thank you. *hugs* I need that kind of faith.

*eyes ground* Bad ground! No biscuit!

So cute! Cow-jumping! So, have you studied your form? I think you tried to take off from the wrong foot...


Not. :)

*narrows eyes*

If you are ever in Austin? I shall show you the cows. And see *your* form jumping them.

It's a high cow. And the grass was working against me. And Beth and Vannezsa were laughing at me. The sun was in my eyes. And possibly, I was wearing the wrong shoes. So *there*.

*looks at vid and winces* See the color of my hair? Add more fuscia and that's the current color. Sheesh, this still freaks me out.

Any advice? Just theoretically and all.

Advice on which aspect of cons, exactly? Which con to attend? How to register? What to do there? As the proud veteran of seven cons (including MediaWest), I stand ready to adviceify.

Email me on all of the above, please? *hopeful* And this is a late answer, and I'm sorry about that, but I really would appreciate anything you feel like sharing. As I am socially inept and also, vaguely confused.

*more hopeful*

Your vid (post) cheered me up, very cute!!
Damn ground, did it move? Surely.
the stone cows haha!!! Way to boost your spirit!
Maybe I should try it sometimes.

The ground totally moved.

Ther'es like, a herd of stone cows. Totally the coolest. I saw them for hte first time ten years ago and fell in love. Unfortunately, too heavy to moev. Stupid million ton stone cows.

But very fun. Yes. *G* You should try.

I've been going to cons for eighteen years, so can offer answers to any questions you may have. Of course, I was lucky in that someone I already knew was going and could act as my guide. Write me if you have specific things you'd like to know!

You. Are. Cute.

That's just the thing to start a Monday off right. The seagulls are anticipated, too.

*g* I like being cute.

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