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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
My hair is still pink, but everyone at work thinks it's cute. I honestly believe they are lying, but that's okay, because I am a whore for compliments. Lie to me.

Anyway, half-day tomorrow, deep breathing tonight, and a thing tomorrow night. And new pants. And possibly boots.

Anyway, days of hating the world. So much missed.


Some Like It White by ranalore. It's hot. God, it's hot. And it's *good*. Justin wants to know what the White Party would have been like. Brian obliges. Thoroughly.

*sighs* Yeah....

Risk by josselin. In which Ethan tells Brian a secret. And Brian is odd. Per usual. You know, I promised jainieg, on threat of horrible torture, not to poke fun at Ethan anymore.

This is me, not saying a thing.

Right here.



Remix Redux II, the FPF version, organized by musesfool. For those not familiar with the challenge, all is explained in the rules. Participation is fun. Sure, dead panic and whining to people in AIM, but fun!

julad talks about <A HREF="http://www.livejournal.com/users/julad/54566.html" TARGET='_Top">Brian</A> and makes sense. I'm probably a Brian apologist, by definition. She is not. I like. Yes, this was a totally random and useless post, but dammit, I feel better. During particularly long translations at work, read up on bioterrorism, just to brush up on my paranoia. Now know the symptoms of anthrax, smallpox, botulism, and bubonic plague. Nothing quite makes you look carefully at your skin like the possiblity of deadly lesions. And who knew there were so many *kinds*? Yes, I know, everyone but me. I really have to figure out less gruesome ways to entertain myself.

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Nothing like skimming LJ to make Friends entries seem surpisingly random. I could have sworn I read: Nothing quite makes you look carefully at your skin like the possiblity of deadly lesbians.

The remix thing sounds fun and intimidating, so I might go sign up... *g*

*dies laughing* God, that's a funny image.....

Yes, sign up! Do it! It's fun! And stressful! But fun!

*pokes and prods*

Okay, you can stop poking me! I signed up. This'll be... fun.

So is there a protocol for how authors should respond when other people rec them? Do I say thanks? Do I pretend that instead of searching compulsively for where people might be talking about me, I'm so above you I barely deign to notice when they say my name? I've been wondering about this for a while.

I have *no* idea.

I am torn. I want to jump up and down and dance when I see a rec, but then I think, but will everyone think I am ego-shoppng LJ for my name? But they said they liked me! But then people will think I am arroagant--it's a circle of life, kind of, but more like a circle of weirdness.

*also torn*

Anyway, thanks. I'm glad you liked Risk. I was so excited to get to make Brian monogamous! :)

Brian doesn't need apologists. He'd laugh at you for trying, and then nail your boyfriend.

Just sayin'.


If I had a boyfriend, I would happily share him. *g* As long as I was allowed to watch.


I really have to figure out less gruesome ways to entertain myself.

I can help with this. I am at long last dubbing QAFUK (at this very moment), including a copy earmarked for you. So you should email me your address, or at least an address where you'd like it shipped to jcalanthe at yahoo dot com (or IM me if you prefer). Or you know, tell me you don't want it and I'll pimp it out to someone else. *g*



*sending email NOW*

Mailed out today, 2nd day mail, So theoretically, you'll get it Tuesday. *g* I can't wait to hear what you think.

*mocks Ian on your behalf*


*whistles innocently*

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